Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Take Out Saturday!

Well, here it is Saturday and you know what Saturday is? It's take out night at our house...but then so is Friday! Woo hoo! If I could make every night take out night, I would! I love to eat, but I hate to cook. The dinner out/take out thing started when I use to work late Monday through Thursday. My husband would always cook dinner. I would get home and dinner would always be ready. How sweet is that? On Fridays, however, he somehow thought it was fair that I cook dinner. So, I told him I would gladly handle Fridays, and he was happy. I just never told him that would mean going out to dinner or getting take out every Friday. Like I said...I hate to cook.

This summer our son and daughter-in-law moved back here from Virginia. I will tell you their story another time. They are living with my daughter-in-law's parents until they find a house to purchase. Almost every Saturday night though they come over to our house for dinner. They bring their dog, Teagan, and we rent a movie. They stay over night. We have a great time.

Ah, dinner...what to do for dinner? My husband always offers to cook something, but he always gets outvoted, because the rest of us prefer take out! It isn't that he is a bad cook, but hey, I like trying different foods and take out is just so easy. No fuss, no mess. Just pick up the phone, tell them what you want and go pick it up! My son and I seem to be the real food freaks in the group. If I talk to him on Friday, he's already asking where we are getting food from...and believe me, I have already thought about it!

The next issue is always the movie. Now my son and his wife go to the show quite a bit and rent movies every weekend and have for years. Let me tell you, they know their movies! On the other hand, we never go to the show and we rarely rent movies, so we don't know squat about movies and always let them pick. Trying to pick out movies every weekend that everyone will like is quite a task. My son and his wife like all kinds of movies. My husband likes shoot 'em up cop movies and every movie I watch needs to be highly entertaining and have a very happy ending. Do they make a cop movie where they don't shoot anyone and they all live happily ever after? I think not. So, today my husband went and picked a movie for us. We will see what kind of reviews it gets from the rest of the group!
I really need to go now. I have to get things ready for dinner. It takes a lot of time and effort to grab those plates out of the cabinet and the silverware out of the drawer. Join me tomorrow when I will talk about "Change" as in my favorite bakery in the entire world is closing tomorrow. Not sure how I will get by!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome! Come on in and sit down. Grab a cup of coffee, or tea or are you a hot chocolate kind of girl...or guy? Actually, I am a chai latte girl myself and I visit my local Starbucks a few times a week. On day when I allow myself to eat whatever I want...I also visit my local Dunkin' Donuts for an egg and cheese croissant! Yum! We'll talk about those issues on another day!
Well, this is my first attempt at a blog. I really haven't a clue what I am doing, but I am sure that will be very evident during these first few weeks! I have spent some time thinking about what I will write about and the things that come to mind are of course, the things that have the biggest impact on my life.
That would be, in no particular, especially vegetarian fare and desserts, exercise in the form of yoga, pilates, biking and hiking...not that I do any of those with any kind of consistency, but I do try and I do enjoy talking about them. I will problably talk from time to time about sports, especially during baseball season. I am one of those crazed Cubs fans you hear about.
I will also talk about family. We are very close to our kids and very much a part of their lives. I love talking about them and their accomplishments, but I will try not to get carried away.
My online card and gift shop will also be a regular topic, although my blog will not be a billboard for my business. I will keep you informed as to what I am doing because my business is a huge part of who I am right now. I will let you know when I add new things to my store or have "bright ideas". I will share the ups and downs of being a business owner and there are many!
Beyond that....who knows. We will just take each day as it comes.
I will do my best to make this a place where you can come to find some peace, comfort and maybe a good laugh at times. There could be tears of sorrow and tears of joy as we move through this adventure we all call life. I hope you will visit often.
Where I grew up, the door to our house was always open. Neighbors would stop by and if you weren't home, they would still grab a cup of coffee and sit down hoping you might be back soon. If you didn't get back, they would leave a note letting you know they had been by.
That's how I want my blog to be. Come by to visit any time. Let me know you were here if you like...and know that my door is always open!

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