Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Watch Or Not To Watch....That Is The Question

Well, my television season is coming to a close. I love Amazing Race and that's done. I've watched a little Dancing With The Stars this year and that will be done next week. I love American Idol and that will be done next week. I don't get the channel that most of the Cubs games are on, so I can't watch that.....

Hmmmmmm......any good shows that you think I need to watch?

So You Think You Can Dance is starting and I saw that a few times last season. It was kind of fun but not something I really have to watch....although is anything?

Maybe I will see if I can go the entire summer without watching any TV. That might be fun. Could you do that? I think I probably could.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Are Wisdom Teeth Really Wise?

Just a quick post today. I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and as of this is doubtful that I will be going to work today. The silly tooth just didn't want to come out...even though it was cracked. After much persuasion by the finally gave in. It seems the roots had little hooks on the ends and they were hanging on for dear life. :)

I will probably be home today, just chillin' out. My poor jaw feels like someone whacked me with a brick!

Enjoy your Friday and be sure you do something super nice for yourselves today.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Sister

Today is my little sister Kay's birthday. Kay lives in South Carolina and we don't see each other very often. I don't think you could find sisters that are any more different than Kay and I are. We are truly like night and day. The funny thing is......our differences are what make us laugh the most when we talk, or text or play on Facebook.

Happy Birthday Little Sis! I love you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In most parts of our country, people are enjoying warmer temperatures and all of the activities that come with them. There are actually parts of our country though where you can still find lots and lots of snow. One of those areas is the San Juan Mountains.

On Sunday, Matt and a few of his friends hiked and skied 8 miles from the town of Ophir to where Matt lives in Telluride. It took them 7.5 hours. One of the friends was Matt's best friend....his gorgeous border collie, Luna.

I thought I would share some of his pictures with you. I can't stop looking at them....they are so wonderful. I hope you enjoy them.

Be sure to do something really nice for yourself today!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Lamp and Some Other Cool Stuff

I am just about finished with my first "stacked china" lamp. I am so excited, because I think it turned out really nice. The first shade I bought was too narrow, so I ran out yesterday and bought this one and I think it is just right. Pardon the plastic on the shade, but I want to leave it on there until I deliver the lamp to the consignment shop in Chicago.

It was a great day yesterday. Michael and Bernadette had given me a gift card for the Gap. I had a hair appointment at the salon at the mall, so I popped in the Gap to buy my favorite 1969 style jeans. I can't buy jeans anywhere except at the Gap. They just don't fit. Gap jeans are perfect for me. I have wore the same size there for a zillion years.

I went in and grabbed my jeans and ran into the fitting room. I only had a little time before my hair appointment. I pulled them on and......they were way too big! Tried another pair in my size....they were way too big! Tried a pair in a size smaller....and they were perfect! Holy crapola! Amazing what walking and a really good diet will do.

I get up to the checkout....and I cringe. I HATE spending $70 on jeans. The girl starts to ring them up and the store manager asks, "Did you get your scratch off coupon for those 1969 jeans?" Uh, no....didn't know anything about it.

The girl hands me a scratch off coupon. I scratch the thing off with my finger nail expecting it to say, "Sorry, you are not a winner," and instead it says, "$25 off your 1969 jeans purchase". How awesome is that? I almost started jumping up and down!

Then I went over to the new hair salon to have Tresa's stylist cut my mop. I just haven't been happy with my lady for a while so I thought I would try someone new. I was upset all day because I was about to pay double what I normally pay for my haircuts, but I am never happy with them. Tresa gets wonderful cuts that last so long and still look great that I thought I would give her girl a try. I even drove 45 minutes to get there.

Well, the girl was great and the hair cut is great. It was well worth the cost. We'll see how I do with it myself all week. I had her do it curly and I love it. I'll try it straight later in the week and see how I like it. I'll post some pictures too.

It was a great weekend. Michael even came over for his birthday...I cheated on my diet and we ordered pizza. Oh my gosh does that taste good when you haven't had it for months!!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen in your house?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Other Baby Boy!

Happy 30th Birthday to my son Michael! Seeing Matt turn 27 last week was unreal, but this is just impossible. Why....I only feel 30 myself! Have a wonderful day today Michael. I love you so very much!

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