Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do It Yourself I want a weighted vest for when I walk. I have read that it is good if you have osteoporosis in your spine. I went online and looked at the one that everyone in the forums I follow were suggesting and the thing is $75 plus $11 shipping. thanks. Here is what it looks like. I want the one that looks like a work out top....not the one that looks like a winter vest. It's almost summer. I want to be able to wear it under a t-shirt or even just by itself if I'm on the treadmill.

I happen to have a bunch of those little flat weights like she is dropping into the little pocket. Do you think if I bought a top like this one.....

and sewed strong pockets along the front and back for the weights.....I could make my own??? I think I could. This is an expensive top, but if I look, I'm sure I can find one for under $30 that would work.

I even have a few old pullover type work out tops that might work and then it would cost me nothing. Hmmmmm......What do you think?

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's FRIDAY!!!

It's Friday, and all I can say is CHEE HOO!! Tonight I will try to do more organizing in my workshop. It's really hard to work when you can't find the workbench!

Tomorrow Tresa, Bernadette and I are meeting for breakfast and then we are going to peruse a big baby store. I am really excited. It's been a very long time since I've looked at baby things, because my baby is 26 years old!

I might also head to one of the larger resale shops in the area to see if they have any interesting china pieces. I am in desperate need of some.

I made an appointment with the holistic doctor. His first opening was June 30th!! Holy cow! I am anxious to get on some kind of plan for my osteo issue. I also read that weighed vests are great for the spine and hips when you walk. I found a nice one for women on line, but it's $75 plus shipping! I have some of the small bar weights here, and I'm thinking if I buy a snug workout vest and sew some sturdy pockets on it.......I can save some money. I'll be at the sporting goods store tomorrow.

Besides that, and the usual shopping. cleaning house and laundry...I have nothing else to do and that is just fine with me. How about you? Whatcha got goin' this weekend?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too Much "To Do"

Wow, my "To Do" list is growing and growing and growing. I've said before that I don't get rattled when I have a lot on my plate. I just prioritize and get to work. There are things right now that I absolutely have to do for my health and things I have to do for my business, and there are only so many hours in a day.

Osteoporosis is taking up a whole lot of my time right now. I am constantly on osteo websites and in osteo forums trying to find out what other people are doing....and let me tell two people are doing the same thing. It's really confusing. I have my diet pretty much under control....even the walking and exercise is fairly simple to understand. Where I really get lost is with the supplements, therefore tomorrow I will be calling an MD in the next town that takes a more holistic approach to medicine. I want to take all of my test results and have a consultation with him to see if he can get me started on the right plan. I think with the proper guidance, I'll be on my way to healthier bones.

My etsy shop FourDogDay is being redone. I am allowing things I am not making anymore to expire. Eventually, I will end up with a smaller shop with a whole new look. I am signing my contract with the consignment shop this evening and once they sign it and return my copy, I will be able to start sending them things. They open in May. Besides that, I am looking into some small craft shows and Farmer's Markets for this spring and summer.

I really feel like I have things under control....there is just a lot to control right now. I don't know how it happens, but it all seems to work itself out in the end. I started making lists yesterday and that always seems to help. What's on your plate this spring?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Johnny Angel

I always have music on at work....often times I listen to an "oldies" station. The other day the song, "Johnny Angel" came on. If you are my can probably sing the entire song...word for word. Click here to watch and listen.

As the song played, I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair. For a brief moment I was 10 years old again. Our house back then had a beautiful corner fireplace. There was a ledge about a foot high that ran the length of the fireplace....that made the perfect stage....and then the best thing ever.....two spot lights in the ceiling that shined down on the little blond haired girl pretending to be Shelley Fabares....the beautiful singing star of television fame.

Grasping my invisible microphone...I would take the "stage" and sometimes sing and other times lip sinc to that song....over and over and over again. It's so funny because just listening to it almost makes me want to cry. It's just one of those things that can so easily take me back to a very precious time in my life. Are there little things like a song or a place or a book that can sweep you back to your childhood like that?

Johnny I love I tingle when he passes by......every time he says hello, my heart begins to fly.......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Blossom In Spring?

Oh my gosh....if I don't get my workshop cleaned up I am not going to be able to start working on new things. Right now everything from the craft show is piled up on my workbench and on the floor...boxes upon boxes.

Irv and I were brainstorming and I we are seriously considering setting up my booth in the driveway as soon as the weather is a bit warmer and having my own little craft show/clearance sale. I wouldn't lose any money! HAHA! We really are thinking about it. I am sure I could even find some supplies I will never use that I could sell. Crazy idea?

I made a connection at the show too....there was a girl that came over to my booth and said that she had tried selling older china on e-bay and it didn't go well for her. She has boxes of stuff that she wants to get rid of! How perfect is that? She's going to photograph some of it and e-mail me so I can get an idea of what she has. I'm hoping to get some great stuff for future projects.

Tresa also has a lady in her building that sells all kinds of stuff, including dishes, at flea markets. She going to ask her where she is going to be this spring. I got some really great deals from her last fall.

Why do I need all the china? Well, I will be doing some cake stands for the consignment shop....and......some other things. Sorry, still can't tell you. I will show you once I get what I need and get some made. I can't wait!!

Got a couple of other things up my sleeve as well. It is spring and things will be blossoming outside and in my workshop. Are you making any changes this spring in your business or your personal life? Spring just feels like the perfect time for change doesn't it?

Monday, March 22, 2010

What a Weekend!

Well my first craft show of the season is done....thank goodness....because it was awful. No, do not feel bad for me, because I don't feel bad. We just didn't make any fact, we lost about $30 plus all of the food we ate! That was a first for us, and I must say it wasn't much fun. We did learn a lot though.

We learned that even though my booth might be the darn cutest thing out might not be the best style of booth for craft shows. It's too closed in and people are hesitant to come "in". We did remove my checkout table and a coat rack I was using for my tote bags to open up my entry and that really helped get more people in. It didn't really improve my sales, but there just weren't a ton of buying customers at the show on Sunday.

The other problem with my booth is that people walking through a craft show are walking, talking and looking back and forth at booths on both sides of the aisle. My booth only has two small end caps to showcase what I have...whereas other people use tables across the entire front of their booth with all of their items on it. People have to look IN my booth to really see what I have, and that doesn't always happen.

There were experienced people there that didn't do well, so I wasn't alone. One girl from Michigan that had the most awesome set up I have ever seen, said this was her first show in 21 years where she didn't cover her expenses. I don't think we will do anymore of the two day shows. It's just too hard to cover your costs when you sell mostly inexpensive items. We are going to look at some farmer's markets and and one day shows.

One neat thing...I did sell one of my new wall clocks....the green one I loved so much, and also one of the new desk clocks...the moon and stars one. I also sold a few of my new cell phone/camera cases. the rest of my new things will be getting listed in FourDogDay over the next week or so.

Anyway, my head is already full of ideas of where I am going with my etsy shop...and I can't wait to get going. I also have to get some things ready for the consignment shop I'm going to try selling at. It should be a fun spring and summer.

Everyone have an awesome day today. I am headed to an all day training today. Be sure to do something nice for yourself go for a walk!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off And Running Day Two

Happy Sunday! Just a quick note to let you know how the craft show went on was the pits! We woke up to snow and wind and it kept people away early on. It did pick up right before lunch and then again later in the day, but in was snoozeville.

I have NOT made back my fee for the show and if I don't do well today...this will be the first time I will take a loss. The weather is suppose to be better, so all of us that didn't see the sales yesterday are hopeful.

What DID sell? Food products like soups and sauces, fake flower arrangements and the always great selling garden stakes and lawn ornaments. I told Irv he really needs to learn how to make those things. They always do well.

So we are off and running again today for Day Two, and hoping for a better day than yesterday. I hope you have a fantastic day today. Be sure to do something nice for yourself take a nice walk! Chat with you soon.

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