Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am so not good at this "waiting for the baby to get here" thing we are doing right now. Not only that....I am a planner. I always have a plan. I like to plan things. When we go on vacation I plan for months. I plan my days. I plan my weekends. I plan how I am going to plan things.

Baby boy's arrival is something I can't plan and it's making me crazy! I need to know. I need to know what day and what time. Will he decide to arrive while I am at work or when I am at home? Will I be on may way to work or on my way home from work? Will it be during the night when I am sleeping or in the morning when I just wake up?

Will it be a weekday or a weekend? Will we have enough time to get to the hospital? Will I remember to bring the things I planned to bring?

Oh my word.....I can hardly stand it. :)

Tresa did go to the doctor today and she said that she is about as ready as she can get. She doesn't expect her to make it until the 23rd, but what do they really know? I saw my doctor in the afternoon one time. She told me nothing was happening and she would see me next week and I had the baby that night. Fooled her!

So many people have asked Tresa how big the doctor thinks the baby is. Well, none of the doctors have mentioned that, so today she asked. The doctor felt around on her belly and said it isn't scientific, but she would guess that he is about 8 pounds. 8 POUNDS??? Tresa told me she is mortified. She never expected baby boy to be that big. Must be all those Blizzards from DQ! HAHA! The doctor said that's a wonderful size.

So, we are waiting and I am trying to be patient. I told Tresa that baby boy paid rent through the 23rd so she can't evict him just yet....besides he's been a wonderful tenant.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Counting Down

We are counting the days until baby boy's arrival. Not too long to go. His due date is the23rd. His mommy if very ready. She's tired. Sorry the pictures are blurry, but I was trying to take them while she was watching the Bears game and I didn't do the best job....but you get the idea. She is very ready to go.

The baby told us that he needed some ice cream, so we ran right out and got some for him. :)

She looks just darling and shame on the two people that said "Whoa" when they saw her yesterday! What were they thinking? You don't say "Whoa" to a pregnant woman!

Enjoy your week. Hopefully we will have baby pictures very soon!

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