Friday, October 22, 2010

Four Weeks Old Today!

I spent the day in the city with Tresa and Graham. I get to go back again tomorrow when Irv and I go for a visit....and then on Monday I get to help Tresa take him for his hearing test. How lucky can one Mimi be?

Big yawn....

Happy after his bath...but then he's almost always happy....

Snuggling in his towel...

Getting sleepy...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Looking for That Happy Medium....

To blog or not to blog....that is the question. I enjoy my blog....but at times, I tend to like it too much and it consumes more time than I am willing or able to give it. I've been trying to post less, but then I tend to also read less. When I read less, I miss out on what is going on with all of you, and that sucks. Then when I do blog and you comment, I want reply to your comments and that is time consuming. When I read blogs, I want to comment...and that is time consuming.

I work a full time job and commute 40 or more minutes each way. I have things to make and things to sell and customers to communicate with.

Sometimes I think I should just say bye bye to blog land all together and the thought of doing that makes me really sad. I have so many wonderful friends on here.

I turned off my e-mail notifications the other day and today when I signed into my blog..there were all of your comments and I wanted to reply to each of them. I have to turn that thing back on.

I honestly don't know what to do. I thought about writing one day a week and reading one day a week.....I guess that might work, but I'm a bit more spontaneous than that.

Any suggestions?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Workshhop Update

Well I woke up this morning to find that the darling hobby horse I showed you yesterday was already sold! He will be on his way to New York this week! The first magazine rack has been primed and will be painted blue very soon. I couldn't find the shade Angela had suggested, but I got a neat looking blue. I also bought yellow for the other one. I think they are going to look awesome. We are also going to start painting some of our chalkboard frames in bright fun colors. We did a red one and got it listed today. We just have to find the right kind of vintage frames for the bright colored ones. I like this one a lot. We found 2 of these and did one red and the other silver.

I should be able to show you what we did with that old window soon too. We have been so busy trying to get things done and are finally making some progress.

Right now I need to finish up a couple of things and chill out for a while. I can't believe the weekend is gone and it's back to work tomorrow. Where did the weekend go? Have a great week and I'll chat with you soon.

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