Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Am Almost Always Right

Besides the normal things that I have to do like shopping, cleaning and laundry this weekend....I also need to keep up with my exercises and my addition to that I need to make some clocks and cake stands for the consignment shop because we are taking them there next weekend. So, when I mentioned that I would like to set up the tent and some tables in the driveway on Sunday to have a little craft sale......Irv said this, "Can I say something without you getting mad?"

That always means that he doesn't agree with something I have proposed so I said, "Sure". He then said that he thought I had a bit too much going on right now. That maybe we should hold off on the craft sale for a couple of weeks and just concentrate on the consignment shop stuff right now.

He almost fell of the chair when I said, "You are right."

See, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. No matter what......I am always right. :) It's just the way it works with me.

I said that sounded like a good idea and continued eating my dinner. Irv just stared at me for a minute (I could feel it) and then continued eating his dinner.

Make it an awesome day and do something really nice for yourself today too!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Utah Camping

Matt and his girlfriend, Rebecca and their dogs, Moki and Luna went camping in Utah for almost a week. They had a fantastic time. They made it their goal to never look at a clock the entire time they were gone. It was even getting dark when they were coming back from one of their hikes because they were having a great time and had no idea how long they had been gone. I thought I would share some of his pictures with you.

Not sure what Rebecca was attempting to be here, but it's a cute picture and what a great little spot!

Matt said that these formations went on could just keep walking and walking. Isn't it awesome?

Little Moki taking a peak outside. They really did have to be careful with her because of her size. She would have made a tasty snack for a big bird or a wild animal.

Matti and his faithful friend and travel companion, Luna.

So pretty....makes me want to take a trip out there.

These three longhorns came charging at them. Matt said it was pretty scary. They came really close to them and then just took off. They were sweatin' a bit after that encounter!

I'm a dog, I'm a workin' dog, I'm a hard workin' dog....wasn't that from Sesame Street or one of those shows? Every time I see Luna with her backpack on I think of that song!

Moki travels in a variety of carriers, but this is the new one they bought especially for this trip. Sometimes she would sleep inside and sometimes she would peek her head out. Here she is just "hangin" out" HAHA and posing for a picture.

Could you imagine doing this? Uh, I think I would have to skip this move!

I love this one!

Make it a really great day and be sure to do something really nice for yourself!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Can't Help But Laugh!

Remember my terrible appointment with my Internist when she tried to scare me into taking the drugs for my Osteopenia? You can read about it here. Well, when I saw my gyne....even though she wanted me to go on drugs for my bone loss, she respects my opinion and after telling me what she thought, she said she would of course support whatever I decided to do. She wrote me a script to have another bone scan since mine was a year old already. I was undecided as to whether I wanted to go because I really didn't do much to improve the situation, but I decided to go anyway. I wanted a starting point for the program I am now on to improve my bone health.

Well, I had the scan done on Monday. They always seem to mess up on who to send the report to since my gyne isn't affiliated with their I called there this morning and sure enough they just sent it to the doctor on record and not to the doctor that ordered it. The doctor of record happens to be the Internist that I am not going back to after the nightmare visit. I thought oh well.

This afternoon I get a call from the nurse at the Internist's office and here is what she said, "Dr. B..... got the results of your bone scan and the numbers do qualify you for medication. She wants you to make an appointment to come in so she can get you started on something."

This is the doctor that I just saw a couple of months ago. The one that pushed her drugs. The one that walked hunched over to show me what she guarantees I will look like in 10 years. The one that said no matter what I eat, no matter what supplements I take and no matter what exercises I do my bones will continue to get worse....she guaranteed it. This is the doctor that sent me out the door with a sample of Actonel an Osteoporosis drug and told me to try it and call her to fill the prescription.

I was flabbergasted! I told the nurse that I was just in recently and she gave me Actonel, which I have no intention of taking. I told her I already found another doctor and I will not be coming back. I told her that I didn't care for the way she handled things that day....that I don't like doctors using scare tactics....that she didn't listen to me or what I felt or what I wanted. She said okay and if I wanted my records...blah, blah, blah......

Okay......this is why I have so little faith in doctors. This doctor obviously did not pull my chart, had no idea who I was and really didn't care. All she did was look at the report and decided that this "patient" needed drugs. I was so disheartened yet again that I almost cried.

Then I got home and Irv and I were talking. The report wasn't a full report yet, but it did show the average of my bone scores. I am waiting for the disk with the full report so I can see where each bone is at. I just had to laugh because my average actually IMPROVED since last year. If she had pulled my record and actually looked at my previous scan, that nurse could have called and said, "Dr. B..... sees from your report that you've made some improvements in the past year. She wants to know what you have been doing so we can enter that in your file and she said to keep up the good work." Wouldn't that have been something? HAHA!

In all honesty, when I get the full report, my bad vertebra could be worse and others could be better, or it could just be that this test was done at a different facility on a different machine, that it seems to be improved, but I don't care.....the whole thing just ticked me off!

Never fear....I was only mad for a little while though and then I moved right on. I am more psyched now about my new diet, supplements and physical therapy than I was before. If my scan really did improve, even just a tad with the inconsistent exercise and walking I did......can you imagine what I might be able to do with the program I am on now? CHEE HOO!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....Almost

This is what I REALLY wanted for dinner last night.......

This is what I had instead.......

and I didn't even cry!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Color Is Your House?

My house is tan with brown trim. I don't want a tan house with brown trim any more. It's so boring to me now. I DID want a tan house with brown trim back in 1981 when we put an addition on our house and aluminum sided the whole thing.....but not any more.

Sadly, it isn't a matter of buying some paint. Aluminum siding takes a little more work. You have to wash it by hand, prime it with a special mix of paint and paint thinner and then paint it with an expensive latex....and that is why my house will probably remain tan with brown trim!

Whenever I am out walking, I always look at the colors of the houses. I love little yellow houses with white trim. Those really catch my eye. I am still drawn to neutral color houses, but the color of the trim is what really makes it an attention grabber for me. I've seen some great combinations.

When I e-mailed Irv to ask him how long our house has been tan with brown trim....all he wanted to know was "Why"? I make him nervous when I ask questions like that.

How about you? What color is your castle? Do you ever wish it was a different color?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Always Learning.....

What a wonderful weekend it was. The weather was nice, Irv got a lot done in the yard....I'm sure he is feeling it today....and I got a lot done in my etsy shop FourDogDay! Here are a couple of my new eye glass cases. I really like them and have a bunch more cut out ready to be made. There are a couple of others listed in my shop already. You can click here if you want to take a peek.

Have you ever noticed when you buy something and you hope to heck it doesn't shrink a speck when you wash it that it always does....but then when you buy something and you need it to shrink...and you throw it in the washer AND in the doesn't shrink at all? Man I hate that!

I learned this weekend that 6 gluten free crackers with hummus and olive tapenade and an apple really can be a meal! I also learned that when you know you can't eat wheat and you eat it will be congested and then have a runny nose for a long time after. Why do I insist on doing that?

I also found out this weekend that even though the sales person at Dish Network told me we would get all of the channels that the Cubs play on, and even though the installer stood here in my living room and guaranteed me that we would get every channel that the Cubs play on......that still might not be true. I was just told that it would be another $5.00 per month to get Comcast Sports Network which the Cubs play MANY of their games on. Kathy is NOT a happy little Cubs fan right now. :(

On that note, I need to scoot. Make it an awesome day and be sure to do something nice for yourself today!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Walk in the Park

There is a wonderful natural area right down the road from us that we don't utilize near enough. Yesterday was beautiful, so we decided to take the dogs there for a walk. Here are some pictures I took while we were there.

We really enjoyed the walk. We had to keep slowing the dogs down on the way into the park, but on the way back, their pace was much slower....meaning they had a good walk!

I also want to wish my best friend a very Happy Birthday today! I love you and Happy Birthday Irv!

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