Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Am Almost Always Right

Besides the normal things that I have to do like shopping, cleaning and laundry this weekend....I also need to keep up with my exercises and my addition to that I need to make some clocks and cake stands for the consignment shop because we are taking them there next weekend. So, when I mentioned that I would like to set up the tent and some tables in the driveway on Sunday to have a little craft sale......Irv said this, "Can I say something without you getting mad?"

That always means that he doesn't agree with something I have proposed so I said, "Sure". He then said that he thought I had a bit too much going on right now. That maybe we should hold off on the craft sale for a couple of weeks and just concentrate on the consignment shop stuff right now.

He almost fell of the chair when I said, "You are right."

See, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. No matter what......I am always right. :) It's just the way it works with me.

I said that sounded like a good idea and continued eating my dinner. Irv just stared at me for a minute (I could feel it) and then continued eating his dinner.

Make it an awesome day and do something really nice for yourself today too!


Mary said...

hahaha--i love this! i am practically perfect in every way, like my mentor, mary poppins, so i know this of which you speak....sounds like Irv is a brave and wise man ;-)

have a great weekend--and enjoy some time together, too ;-)

Mary said...

i meant to add that i have had such a crazy week full of unexpected interruptions, etc. that i cancelled my involvement with a conference today. i need a quiet day in the studio--there has been so much going on i haven't been getting my own work done! sometimes it is good to slow down and step back ;-)

Oklahoma Granny said...

When something like that happens at our house my husband usually finishes with, "I need to go mark this down on the calendar right now." LOL

Lanyardlady said...

Letting Irv be right once in a while is good for harmony in the household!

Nancy said...

LOL, that was cute. I'm surprised Irv didn't choke on his food! It sounds like he was pretty surprised.


Ms Sparrow said...

I wish I had your assurance. I almost always question whether I'm right or not. At my age, that's kinda pathetic. One benefit is that my sons-in-law all like me.

Angela said...

LOL! I am always right too- imagine that!

He is right though. You have too much going on- get through the consignment stuff first. Then, think about the driveway sale.

Carrie said...

That's so funny, because after I got married I realize how WRONG I was most of the time. It just took my husband to (sweetly) challenge me on a few things. Thankfully, I think he'd say the same thing about himself. So many times I'll point something out, he'll say "I didn't do that!", and I'll show him the evidence that he DID. At least we can laugh about it!

Good for you for not taking too much on. Good luck with getting everything done!

LDWatkins said...

I think you were waiting on that one!! Irv is very insightful!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sometimes I like to say that to my husband, too--it actually lets me be right more often when I'm not when I sometimes am wrong.

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