Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plants and Pillows...Pillows and Plants

I got the yellow pillow listed last night. Here it is. I am so in love with this pillow that I want to keep it, but that is my #1 no-no! No keeping. I am headed to the fabric store tomorrow because the new pillow ideas are filling my head and I must get them out! The only way to do that is to make the things! If you click on the picture you can see other views from my etsy shop.

Anyway, I promised a story about Irv's basement garden. To make a long story short...last year Irv started some seeds in the house. They did "okay". Nothing spectacular, but we were able to plant a lot of the things and he had a great time with it. This year he decided to step it up a notch. He bought LOTS of seeds...flower and vegetable....and he built a little "greenhouse" in the basement using plastic and all kinds of lights and little heat lamps.

When the first little sprouts popped up earlier than they were suppose to...he was so proud. He thought he must be doing something right. Then everything started popping....early. Then they got bigger. Then the excitement caused a kind of planting frenzy and he bought more seeds and more little pots and more special soil. He added more tables and more lights and more heat....are you getting the picture here?Things continued to sprout and grow. Then one day he came upstairs and said, "I think I f----d up." I thought maybe something bad happened. "I think I planted everything way too early. You should see how BIG it's all getting. I'm going to have to transplant things."

That lead to more pots, more soil and more work this past weekend. We have flats of flowers on March 31 that are the bigger than what we usually buy at the garden center in mid-May to plant!!! Yikes!

Despite not having a clue how he is going to nurture these little babies until they can be planted outside in May......this little cutie brought a smile to our faces today!

So, Irv is making a mental note of when he should probably start planting his seeds next year, so we don't end up with a flower and vegetable jungle in the basement again!



Go Irv!
A Jungle-Basement sound just peachy to me. Keep it& eat it in good health.

Lanyardlady said...

What a great way to bring spring inside. At least they won't start fighting as they get bigger, like kids! The pillow is so lovely. Can't wait to see more.

Angela said...

I would just plant them in great big pots and keep them inside! The plants have no idea it is only March.

Great job Irv!!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Oh, I love that little flower peeking amongst the leaves. Ha, ha, I love the idea of a basement jungle myself:):) Good going Irv:)

The Tuckamore Tree said...

I do like your pillows. You are a very talented person, but I think Irv's story takes the cake..
too funny.Thank You for making my husband and me laugh..
we could imagine watching the basement jungle grow.

MaШenka said...

Looked at your blog and realised I need to plant my seeds ASAP :)

aliceinparis said...

Cute pillow.
I love Irv's plants. So nice to have all that green life! Now you just have to hurry Spring along. Isn't there a way you can plant them outside earlier if you put a glass frame around them? Is it called a cold frame? Not really sure what I'm talking about:)

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