Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Is My Seam Ripper?

Oh where, oh where has my seam ripper gone
Oh where, oh where can it be?
With it's handle of blue, and it's pointy end too
Oh where, oh where can it be?


I was working on a tote bag Saturday night. I was getting really tired and was just about to call it a night when I realized that I had sewn one of the straps on about an inch to the left of where it was supposed to be! Oops!

I decided I would fix it and then head to bed. I hate looking at mistakes first thing in the morning.

I reached for my trusty little seam ripper and it wasn't on my sewing table. For those of you that don't sew, a seam ripper is a magnificent little tool that allows you to quickly, safely and efficiently pull out stitches. I lifted up the tote bag. Not there. I looked in my accessory basket. Not there. I lifted up a stack of fabric. Not there. I looked under some pattern pieces. Not there.

Oh, I know. It rolled off the table into the garbage can like it did the other day. I picked through the trash. Not there. Now I am getting ticked. Where the heck is my seam ripper??? I didn't really say heck. I never say heck. I used a different four letter word.

I decided I would just have to do my best with a tiny scissor. It's a much slower process with a much bigger risk of putting a hole in the fabric, but what was I to do? I finally finished it up and went to bed.

Sunday afternoon I'm working on my tote bag again and head out to the kitchen to fill my water bottle.

Hmmmmmm....."Hi Wrigley....what is that in your mouth honey? Give that to mommy."

Oh, gee...I found my seam ripper.....what's left of it.

Guilty as charged!


Angela said...

Wrigley could have ripped his mouth open with that thing!

When Lucy lived in the house she loved to eat razors. Strange animals...

Glad you found it and glad Wrigley didn't get hurt.

PonderandStitch said...

Omg!! Hahahahah...

I lose my seam ripper like five times a night. It's beyond frustrating. I've decided the next time I go out I'm going to pick up a seam ripper with a square handle so it can't roll off the table or roll underneath something. But, we both know, it will still get lost at least five times a night. So is the life of a stitcher!


Lanyardlady said...

Way to go, Wrigley! I like a dog with spunk! Maybe you need to buy some of those embroidery scissors that hook to your work with a lanyard clasp!!!

jen said...

oh wow, that could have ended up much worse! Glad you found him when you did!

Kathy said...

I think she actually must have found the seam ripper on the floor Saturday night. She probably had it in her bed and treated it like a chew toy. She really isn't a chewer. The only thing she chews is the paper and fabric scraps she steals out of my garbage can! I think I will put velcro on the new one and keep it stuck to the table! :)


Many times that seem ripper has proven to be my most productive accessory.

I think this is will be the new virtual-imaginary-meditation-tool for surviving cancer patients.

Pulling weeds works for the gardeners.
And "War" hardly works for anyone.

Thank Wrigley for me!..for us all. ;P

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