Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green and Yellow and Blue...Oh My!

She's makin' a list and checkin' it twice...gonna find out what colors are nice...I am almost ready to paint!!

I have gone from dozens of color charts to two!

It's looking like my living room will either be Sassafras Green or Meadowgrass Green.

The greens are both is a little more yellow than the other. That one they show with accents like greeny yellow, a very light khaki, a deep blue gray and a very dark brown. That one is probably my favorite.

The other green is a bit more mossy, which I love, but they show it with accents like a golden yellowish color, an army green and a dark brown. Not a big fan of the golden yellowish color or the army green.....

I'm just not very good with colors and I know they show those accent colors for a reason, and that is because someone that REALLY knows their colors says they go with that green. I can't take the mossy green and use the accents from the yellowy doesn't look good.

So.....I am probably going to go with the yellowish green. Then we will do dark brown couch covers and accent with the blue gray and the lemony yellow. I think it will look awesome. I'll make lots of pillows too.

This little chest is the one I will paint to use as a small coffee table. I could do it in the yellow or the blue gray. This is going to be so much fun!

If I do the living room green, then I think the bedroom will be blue....with yellow and green accents or maybe with brown? Can't you just feel my confusion and frustration here?????

I don't know what to do!!! I think I am just going to do the living room and worry about the bedroom when I get to the bedroom which will be after the living room and the bathroom......oh, the idea what color to do the bathroom. What color is your bathroom again?

I am buying the living room paint this weekend. Wish me luck!


Lanyardlady said...

good luck! painting and decorating are not my thang, so looking forward to seeing your projects.

mistyridge said...

Good luck with the painting. Especially choosing a color. I have done this sooooo many times its not even funny anymore. I suggest getting the small 8oz. testers and doing a test block of a couple of shades of the color you choose to make sure you get the one you really want.

Angela said...

My whole house is khaki, blue, brown, and green.

Green dining room and main bath, blue guest room and master bath, dark khaki bedroom and art room, light khaki living room and kitchen. So, I think your color choices are great!

I still want to throw some red into my mix...but I still have that darn rug I need to get rid of.

Sherry said...

I love choosing colors, and the paint chips make excellent backgrounds for my jewelry! Your calm advice the other day was spot on. Thanks so much.

AMIdesigns said...

I don't think you can go wrong with green, such a warm welcoming colour. Good luck!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I like the accents you can use w/ the lighter green too. I found a paint for my living room but can't find the paint sample card now. It definitely had the word chocolate in it though :)

My bathroom is yucky banana yellow like my bedroom was. I painted it porpoise gray but it kinda looks lavendar. Some people say it does and others say it looks gray. I had bought a small can of the same color for my bathroom but now not sure I want to use it.

Paint colors are tough. esp if you dont' get it in the flat like in the pictures. I got a silk like I usually do so it's not so shiny..but still washable..but it's still too shiny and changes the color. The brown taupe I got for my beading room looked rose when we put it on :\ now it's not soo bad..but too dark for a beading room. Someone told me there is now a choice that is washable and is in between the flat and the silk. I forget what it's called.

Happy painting..send us pics when you are done!

Beth Anderson said...

While you're on a roll, want to come paint at my house?!
I want to start my son's room since he moved out.
Anxious to see what you choose.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Can't wait to see the pictures after the painting is done. The chest that you're going to use for a table is great!

The majority of walls in our house are Sherman Williams Nomadic Desert. The kitchen and one wall of the living room are a green that was mixed for us. One wall in one of the extra bedrooms is Sherman Williams Stolen Kisses (the other 3 walls are Nomadic Desert.)

jen said...

It's going to look fabulous! I think that's a great color scheme.

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