Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Past

Well Halloween is almost here. Since being asked to make the costumes for work....I have had nothing but costumes on my mind. I dug into my photo bins and pulled out some of our Halloween pictures....and then it all came back to me.

Tresa the Farmer with her best friend Maribeth the clown. They were 3 years old.
I finally figured out that to satisfy MY need to be creative...I talked my kids into some of the most awful costumes you can imagine. I really think poor Tresa got the worst of it, being my first born you know. I just always thought I was being the good mom by making costumes instead of buying costumes. I don't think my kids would agree. There were times when all the boys wanted was a cheapie super hero costume with the mask....the ones that use to come in the boxes with the see through lids.....but oh no, not my kids. They had to be something cute and fun and oh so special! I also had a knack at convincing them that it was really their choice....when in all was usually my choice.

Tresa the alien and Maribeth in 1979 at the age of 5.

Matt and I were e-mailing about this the other day and he said something about me finally getting around to apologizing for it! HAHA! It's a wonder they all turned out so "normal"...if you can call anyone in this crazy family of ours.....normal. I laughed and told Matt that they always liked the prizes they won though, and he replied that I was teaching them to think materialistically if it was all about the prizes. Then I got the last jab when I told him that I taught them that you didn't have to buy costumes....that handmade is always best. He agreed....end of argument and I I always do...because I am the mom!!

I'm guessing this is either 1980 or 1981....Tresa the flower complete with a bee.
This is the one where I really lost it. What little girl would want to be Hickory Dickory Dock? The poor thing couldn't see, could hardly hold her bag and couldn't even walk! She had to shuffle. Yes, that is a stuffed mouse on the top left! Poor, poor Tresa.

Michael the Mouse....1982 at the age of 2. He actually had a huge rat trap attached to his long tail that dragged on the ground and he was carrying a huge chunk of "cheese".

Tresa, cousin Lenny and Michael round 1983. Don't they all look sooooo happy?

Recycled part of the clown costume for Matti in about 1986.

Ah, here they must have liked their costumes. They are sort of smiling...except the little devil.

Now here are some really, really old pictures. Irv and I use to bowl on a league many, many years ago. We always had a Halloween party and wore costumes. Here is me and Irv as Superman and Wonder Woman. Like Wonder Woman's mustache? This was 1977!

Mr. and Mrs. Count Dracula

And this is everyone's absolutely favorite picture of Irv! Tweety and Sylvester in 1975. The heads were paper mache and not very comfortable. Do you like Irv's little yellow tail?

Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween this year. Are you dressing up??


artsyclay said...

WONDERFUL photos! How creative and funny! I made my first son some doozies when he was really little in the 70s (Puss in Boots was one) but got too tired with #2 and #3 so it was storebought costumes then.

My favorite memory: when my older two were about 2 and 4, the younger one - because he was so short - dragged his goodie bag (paper shopping bag) along the sidewalk/ground the whole time we were Trick or Treating through the neighborhood. When we got almost home, I discovered he'd worn a big hole in the bottom of the bag and had lost ALL his candy. :( So big brother got to share.

Angela said...

LOL!! Hickory Dickory Dock and Irv's legs in the tights seriously made me laugh out loud!!

I am sure they loved the homemade costumes! I know I always had homemade costumes and I felt proud that my mom could and would make them. Seriously one of my best childhood memories.

There was this little girl named Tracy that lived down the street from us. Every year her mom would put her in jeans and a black top...and give her one prop to change her "costume" One year she had an eyeliner mustache which somehow was supposed to make her a pirate and one year she had on clip earrings and that was supposed to make her a rock star. I felt sorry for her.

Just ask your kids how they felt and I bet you each one will say they loved and appreciated it.

Angela said...

Maggie? I thought her name was Georgia

Mary said...

too funny! my husband would kill me if i posted those pictures ;-)

jen said...

ha ha ha! You've made some great costumes through the years! the clock is hilarious!

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