Monday, November 23, 2009

Mish Mash

Sunday was a great day. It was one of those days when you have so much to do that you don't even know where to start, but little by little things get done and by the end of the day you can smile and say, "Yep, today was a good day!"

I told you I would show you some of the things I found at IKEA on Saturday. Here is my little white lantern. It's so darn cute. I bought a silver one like this from IKEA years ago, and it has been outside on the table that's on our deck for years. I thought this one might make a cute centerpiece on the kitchen table. Maybe some evergreen around it with some little pine cones and maybe some funky ribbon or something tied to the ring on the top, the little candle burning...could be cute....not sure...we will see.

Here is the fabric that I bought. Just 1/2 yard to make the secret something for my living room. No, not a pillow. I will do those once I find a couch cover. I have to order some parts, so I won't have it done for a while, but I will show you when it's ready to make it's debut.

Here are the three matted black frames I bought. My son Matt takes some awesome photos that we sell in FourDogDay. I framed three of my favorites. I might hang these over the new chairs, but I need to get the lamp first so I get the height right. If not, there is another wall where they will work. I think they look awesome!

This is our built in shelving in the living room. We have always painted the back wall of it the color of the walls, but Irv wanted to try it white this time. I love it. I put some books, photos, and little things on it today. This is the shelving that I want to put all old black and white photos in black frames on. I think that would look great.

The family photos that are on the shelf now will go around Matt's Family poster that I hung in the hallway today eventually.

The living room is really starting to take shape. I haven't found a little table for in between the chairs yet, but I dug this out of the garage today! Guess what Irv is going to do?

I bought this darling....but very old and grungy snack tray at a garage sale this summer for $1.00. It has about 10 coats of paint on it, so Irv is going to sand it and probably paint it. That will be our end table for now. I thought about papering the top maybe....

We found a little end table at Bed, Bath and Beyond that was cute but it was $40 and I know I can find one resale for next to nothing if I keep we'll use this for now and if we find something resale that we like not, I think this will be perfect!

So, that was the day for me. I hope your weekend was enjoyable. Make Monday an awesome one for yourself!


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Congrats on such a great day! I'm so happy for you! I plan to have a nice and relaxing Monday, my favorite day of the week.
Love your finds, especially that little table - it's so quaint!

Lanyardlady said...

Isn't it great to feel productive? It's the best kind of tired there is. Some cute things you found!

Malissa said...

oooh, great fabric! I really like what you are doing with your living room so far!

Cathryn said...

Pretty things you found! I like your "new" end table! Great idea!

jen said...

I love your built in shelves. We had something similar at our old house. I can't wait to see the surprise project...cute fabric! Happy Monday Kathy!

Ms Sparrow said...

I like your style! Especially the thrifty part. I like to check out the thrift stores for bargains. Sometimes I buy stuff I regret, but since I didn't spend much to begin with, I donate it back with a clear conscience!

DUTA said...

Your 'Mish Mash' is charming. Every piece of it: the lantern, the photoframes, the fabric, the built in shelf with the little stuff on it, the family poster, the table snack. You've got good taste.
Enjoy it all!!

Matty said...

I love Ikea. We have a number of things from there.

Angela said...

I love the fabric! Can't wait to see the secret project.

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