Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's The Weekend!

How fast do you drive? I ended up behind someone on my way to work yesterday that actually did the posted speed I am not a speed demon, but I will admit to driving a "few" mph over the posted limit some times. I kept moving over a little so the long line of cars behind me could see that it wasn't my fault that we were going soooooo slow!

Matt's 3 A DAY project has picked up steam. He started his Facebook Group and the last time I looked, they had 60 people signed on. Hopefully all 60 of those people are out there picking up some trash when they see any. That's how this will truly make a difference. If you don't know about 3 A DAY...check out my post from yesterday.

Our grandbaby to be has become quite the little kicker. Dates for baby showers are already being selected, names are being tossed around and we should know in a couple of weeks if it's a boy or a girl!

Today I will be in my workshop putting the finishing touches on some clocks for the consignment shop, and making a couple of other things. I think we are going to take our first little batch of things down on Sunday. I've been watching their posts on Facebook and it is going to be one fantastic little shop. I can't wait to see it in person.

My healthy allergen free eating is going well. I haven't had a chai latte in two weeks! Can you believe that? I might treat myself to one on Sunday. Not having any really yummy bread is probably the hardest part for me, but I know that if I want some I can have it.

I am walking 30 minutes per day without fail. Most of the time I go out on my lunch hour. If I can't for some reason, I am on the treadmill as soon as I get home. We got pedometers at work for a pilot program we are doing in the District Office and I am lovin' this little thing. I know exactly how many steps I'm taking per day. At night I plug it into my computer and upload my steps into a website that keeps track of everything for me. Pretty cool!

Well my friends I need to scoot. I have much to get done today. Make it the best day ever and don't forget to do something nice for yourself today!


Silke said...

Hi Kathy, you know I'm from Germany and we love to drive fast! But here, after getting one speeding ticket of over $200 for not even going that fast, I use my cruise control on the long stretches and set it for just a little over the speed limit. That seems to work well for me.

Oh, I can so understand about the bread!! Although, some years ago, we decided to cut potatoes from our diet and I never thought that I could. Now, I don't even miss them and if I have them once in a great while, I do enjoy them, but then am fine again without.

I'm glad you are doing so well!! Love, Silke

Mary said...

sounds like you're having a great time and doing well on your diet and exercise plan ;-)

i will never tell how fast i drive...;-)

i will say i get behind pokers all the time--especially on our more scenic routes in the summer....oh well....

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I don't drive! Yay! My husband drives prob 5-10 miles over and I always caution him that he's above the speed limit and I'm met with the look-y'know the one. Well since I've put off getting behind the wheel for 36.77years...I suppose I should just stay quiet.

Congrats on your grandbaby and healthy living practices, you're so good!

Have a fabulous weekend and good luck with all things crafty and consigned.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Congrats on the healthy eating habits! I need to get back on the wagon but ...

We will find out on Thursday if we're going to be a "grandmother" or a "grandfather" (inside joke - one of the kids said one time about someone being pregnant if the parents knew if they were going to be a grandmother - having a girl - or a grandfather - having a boy; it sometimes still slips out many years later).

I don't go more than 3-5 mph over the speed limit. People go so fast around here, cut in and out of traffic, it's awful.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on the great job with the diet and the walking. You are GOOD! Keep up the good work.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I bet your energy level is SO good right now! And I do love your cheerful update posts--you are one of the most positive bloggers I know!

Angela said...

I also go a couple mph over...

So exciting about the baby! I can't wait to hear if it is a girl or boy. I think it will be a girl for some reason.

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