Friday, August 6, 2010

This, That and the Other

Just a very quick hello. I am all ready for the shower except to pick up some balloons in the morning, some baby's breath to add to the flower pots and finding something to wear. I thought I was going to wear an old dress I had, but when I put it on I didn't like it at all. Hopefully I can find something in the morning.

Irv and I had fun at the garage sale this morning too. They didn't have as much vintage stuff as I had hoped for, but we did pick up some neat stuff. I will show you soon. I spent some time this evening trying to come up with a cute name for our new vintage shop, but it is not an easy task at all. Many are taken on etsy or the .com isn't available. Got any ideas? I am accepting suggestions.

Today is my son Michael and his wife Bernadette's fifth wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you guys! I love you!

Can you tell me how you can vacuum up TONS of dog hair, sweep up TONS of dog hair, mop up TONS of dog hair, clean TONS of dog hair out of the lint trap on the dryer and the darn dog still has TONS of hair left?? Maggie is our first really hairy dog and let me tell you she will be our last really hairy dog! I got up to go to the bathroom last night and I thought there was a small dead animal in the was just a huge blob of hair!

Well that is it for now. I am going to get a good night's sleep, get up early and get ready for a fun baby shower. I will take lots of pictures for you. Have a wonderful weekend and do something really nice for yourself...and for someone else.


Lanyardlady said...

I hear ya...although Sophie is a long-haired dog thank goodness she doesn't shed much. But if I ever get another dog it will definitely be short-haired. Have a great day tomorrow and look forward to sower photos.

Angela said...

I have a name for your shop- "Hair of the Dog Vintage" Hee hee -- just kidding ;)

Our dogs are shedding like crazy and I am so sick of it but I don't have the heart to put them out in the heat.

I thought you were just going to add things to FDD. If not, why not just use "My Other Shop" as your vintage shop- you DO already have business cards. Just a thought.

But what are some of your ideas so far?

Some of our local thrift shop names are:

Dust And Rust
This And That
Tiques and Fleas (which would go well with FDD)

Bluebell said...

Have a wonderful day with Tresa and co. I am sure everything will be great. How about, 'A Vintage Life' or 'Sweet Vintage Rose' or 'Love Vintage' or 'Vintage Dreams' or'Honeysuckle Vintage' or 'Vintage Style'or 'Country Cottage Vintage' I think I have run out of ideas now but I will keep thinking.
Love Jillx

solomi558 said...

Hi Kathy, I hope you don,t mind me enquiring . Bluebell and myself are in the throes of trying an Etsy shop . Do you have to sell thro,. Etsy or can you sell from your blog.?--cottonreel

Joan said...

I'm so good with name ideas. But I can relate to to the pet hair. We have wood and tile floors so I have to vacuum and sweep every day, sometimes twice a day. That is what daughters are for. =)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The hair...that is one thing that makes the Great Dog Debate rage on here.
Enjoy your shower! Hope you found a cute something to wear!

Sherry said...

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, have a wonderful time.

We have a little vintage shop, with a very dull name!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I can actually watch our lab-mix shed hair - just about everytime I look at him! Our daughter bought me a little sign that says, "No outfit is complete without dog hair." Funny saying on the sign - not so funny when you're trying to get somewhere and your shedding dog wants to say goodbye.

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