Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ever Been On space Mountain?

I hated Space Mountain at Disney World. I hate rides so that really is no surprise. I really think that is the most terrified I have ever been. I thought for sure it was going to fly off the rails and I was going to die. I knew I would never go on that ride again, so I figured I would never be that terrified again and I have never been....until Sunday.

Irv and I walked around a lot during the marathon..just trying to get from point A to Point B. A couple of times Point A and Point B were way too far apart so we took a cab. One of the rides took us through city streets lined with cars....with quite a few bicycle riders. I'm thinking that cabbies don't like bicycle riders because this guy could NOT have come any closer to the bikers without running them over! I just kept thinking, "Please do not kill a biker with me in the cab!" He would come up right behind them doing about 40 miles an hour and then swerve around them. It was horrible. I just kept closing my eyes.

I thought that was the worst it could possibly get until later that day when we had to take another cab. This time we had the "pleasure" of flying down Lake Shore Drive.....a very, very winding, busy, crazy road.....doing 70 miles an hour (in a 40 mph zone mind you. It was lovely outside so the cabbie had all of the windows open. I was in the back seat and had to hold down my hair because it was whipping me in the face as we cruised down LSD. I'm looking at Irv and he doesn't seem the least bit bothered. I honestly felt like I was back on Space Mountain. I thought for sure we were going to either go flying off the road into the lake or just roll and smash into oncoming traffic and be killed. It was beyond terrifying.

When we were sitting around later chatting....I brought up the cab ride. Everyone just laughed. They thought it was great! Are you freaking kidding me? Great?

If I ever have to choose between walking a very, very, very long way or ride in a Chicago cab.....where are my gym shoes? I'm walking!


Matty said...

My ex-wife was never a fan of amusement park rides either. She would sit out and wait while everyone else took the rides. She was more the merry-go-round type.

Look at this way, when Graham is old enough to want to go the amusement park, just take him to the city for a cab ride. Same thing.

Angela said...

We took a cab from Navy Pier to the Sears (Willis -whatever) Tower our first day in Chicago. The guy whipped around the streets, in and out of traffic...all while not saying a word. Aubrey and I later discussed that the faster he got back to Navy Pier, the more victims he could pick up and the more moeny he could make. We think that is why he was going so fast. It was pretty scary.

Lanyardlady said...

Wow, sounds like the Pirate Ship at the local fair, where is swings uou back and forth, higher and higher. Not that I would know what it feels like because I like my feet planted on terra firma. I once had a terrifying cab ride from Manhattan to LaGuardia airport. Lanes? What lanes? It's the only time I felt safer on a plane than on the ground!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I always said there was not one thing at Disney Word that would scare me. I've ridden all the rides - Space Mountain included. No problem. Then the last time we were there my husband and I rode Soarin'. I thought I was going to puke and/or pass out and fall to my death! There was a teenage girl sitting on the other side of me and she was just as scared as I was. Give me Space Mountain, Rockin' Rollercoaster or Tower of Terror any day. PIECE OF CAKE! Don't think I could handle either of those cab rides though. I'd have put my foot through the floorboard trying to use my invisible brake.

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