Monday, November 24, 2008

Special Teachers

I have a soft spot in my heart for teachers. When my kids were in school, I spent 14 years volunteering in the schools and I loved every minute of it. I have a deep respect for teachers. I think they have one of the toughest jobs out there, especially today. All three of my children have degrees in education, although my daughter isn't teaching, my sons, Michael and Matthew are and so is my daughter-in-law, Bernadette. From the stories they tell me, I know that all three of them are wonderful teachers. They care so deeply about their students. Michael and Bernadette are Special Education teachers here in Illinois. Matthew teaches third grade in Telluride, Colorado.

Having teachers in the family made me wonder what makes teachers I asked some adults about their favorite teacher. Here are some of the responses I received.

"My favorite teacher taught 3rd grade. Shortly after the school year started, I was in a car accident with my uncle and cousin. I broke my neck, my arm and had stitches inside of my mouth from molar to molar. I was hospitalized for 2 months. My teacher came to visit me at the hospital and would bring my work and help me. I couldn't do much as I was flat on my back in a brace. Upon returning to school, he was so caring and helpful. I had to wear a neck brace and he would let me stay in from recess."

"My 5th grade teacher encouraged me to draw. On the blackboard we drew an airplane to was up for weeks. I think it was her support that lead to my interest in scale models which in turn lead to my interest in taking things apart and how they worked which in turn lead to my facilities."

"My 4th grade math teacher. She made what seemed was impossible for me to learn at times "do-able". She would see my puzzled look on my face (when I didn't understand a concept), never single me out, but notice I was confused and say...I am noticing some confused faces and then explain the concept differently!!! She would look at me directly and wink to make sure I got it! I will never forget her!!!"

"My first grade teacher because she taught us another language before it was popular. She taught us Spanish and also taught us the culture. Then we all dressed up in costumes from the culture and had food. Our parents were invited to the party and we all did dances from the culture."

"My first grade teacher, because she always believed I could do what I set my mind to."

"My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher. I thought I was so special because we had the same name. She was so kind and always had a smile on her face. She use to make us birthday crowns with glitter and sequins."

"My high school Child Development teacher because she was so nice."

"My 4th grade teacher. She was really tough on me. Made me write 6 X 8=48 a hundred times on the board. I missed it on every test I had. Never forgot it again, even today when I use a calculator for everything. I saw her many times as I was growing up, she was still hard on me, but I knew she really loved me."

"My favorite was 8th grade. He was so fun!! He just made everything so much fun! Even when a kid was in trouble they had to pay the consequences but he still made a joke of it. He was always teasing-in a good way. Just a very sharp, nice, creative teacher."

"One of my high school teachers, because he was so funny and he could pronounce my last name."

"My high school English teacher, because he treated everyone with respect at a time when a lot of teachers didn't do that. I respected him and I wanted to do well in his class. He made me realize that I could do well if I was willing to make the effort."

"My 2nd grade teacher because she was caring, made things fun and made me want to go to school. She challenged me and had a gentle heart."

Did you have a favorite teacher? I hope so. I also hope that many years from now the teachers in my family are the ones that people remember.

I am a Teacher
By Matt Kroll

I am a child, a learner, a beginner, a parent.
I am a secretary,
I am an accountant,
I am an author, an illustrator, an editor,
I am a publisher,
I am a poet,
I am a mathematician, a computer technician,
I am an actor, sometimes an actress,
I am a director, a choreographer, a producer,
I am an inventor,
I am a borrower,
I am a slacker,
I am a politician, a historian,
I am a Native American,
I am a scientist, a botanist, a zoologist, and a physicist,
I am a tour guide,
I am an astronomer, a meteorologist,
I am an athlete,
I am a doctor,
I am a psychologist, a counselor, and a coach,
I am a photographer,
I am a musician and a librarian,
I am a judge,
I am a DJ, a dancer, an artist,
I am a thousand friends,
I am a genius,


aliceinparis said...

What a terrific post! I think teachers are underrated, They play such an IMPORTANT role in our childrens' lives. Helping to shape their view of themselves and the world. Hurrah for teachers!
xo Shelagh

Dana said...

Thank you for this!

I am a teacher too...3rd grade!


FG said...

What a wonderful collection of memories about good experiences with teachers. I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing!!!

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