Monday, December 15, 2008

Deck the Halls with.....

What do you deck your halls with or more specifically, what do you deck your tree out with? After my kids grew up and moved out, I decided it was time to go from my "kid" tree to a "big girl" tree. My kid tree was decorated with the same decorations year, after year, after I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I was at a point in my life where I was ready for a change. A change from the ornaments that I had made over the years, and the ornaments that the kids had made way back when to a more grown up looking tree. I had a vision of the decorations I wanted and they were nothing like the decorations I had. (The green beaded ornament on the left was made by my mother-in-law. She use to buy the satin ornaments and a ton of beads and attach them to the ornaments with straight pins. She enjoyed making them so much. I have a couple that I always put on our tree. They make me happy and sad at the same time. She's been gone for 26 years.)

So last year I talked Irv into all new lights and new ornaments. I went with mostly clear glass ornaments, with some red ones thrown in for a bit of color. The tree was beautiful! There were a few really special "kid" ornaments that still had a spot on the tree, but everything else was new. Even the kids thought the tree looked great, except for maybe my little traditionalist, Matt. Matt would be happy if nothing changed...ever. (The little felt angel is Matt. He made this with the help of his preschool teachers when he was 3.)

I always loved the ornaments that the kids made. Each one was so unique. Their teachers were very creative. Each one was so special and they were always so proud of their work. (The red and green stocking was made by Michael when he was 7. It's a wood ornament that he painted.)

Well, a funny thing happened this year....and I have not yet mentioned this to anyone....I've decided that want my old tree back. I want all of the handmade ornaments on it, and I want to make new handmade ornaments. I want my old sequined felt ornaments of Santa and Mrs. Santa, and Holly Hobby, and cookie monster, and Paddington Bear. I want them all on my tree again. I want the big old fashion lights back. I think I want to string popcorn again and have some ornaments made from nature like I use to. Am I crazy or what? Irv usually reads my blog at work...I can only imagine the e-mail I'll get when he reads this one!

There is one ornament that is always on our tree. It is a white styrofoam boot that Tresa made in 1981 in her religion class at church. The kids got to pick a plain ornament and then decorate it. On it they were to write, "I Pray For....and fill in what they pray for. In December of 1981, Michael was about 19 months old. It was his name that Tresa wrote on her little ornament. See, Michael was born a very sick little boy. We almost lost him when he was 4 days old and he had 3 surgeries by the time he was 14 months old. I'll write about it another time. It just always touched my heart that Tresa, who was 7 at the time thought of her baby brother with such love.

Every year when that ornament comes out of the box and gets hung on the tree, my tears start flowing. When the kids were a little older, they always knew it was coming. All eyes would be on mommy. It was a very difficult time in our lives and that little boot reminds me not just of the difficult days we had, but also just how very fortunate we are.

Last but not least is the most beautiful BLUE angel in the entire world. In fact, she is probably the ONLY blue angel in the entire world. Don't ask me how I ever thought this little angel was cute....but way back about 30 years ago, I did. Over the years, she has lost her halo, but basically, she still looks about the same. It was quite an honor in our house when it was your turn to be lifted into the air by daddy, so that you could place the beautiful little blue angel on the very top of the tree! The kids took turns each year, and it was the last thing we did after decorating the tree.

This past weekend Michael was over and we were all sitting in the living room. I had placed the little blue angel on the shelf when I decorated the house, since she doesn't really go with the new decorations on the tree. I happen to look up at the tree, and Michael had placed her on top of the tree! We all had a good laugh. I might just leave her there and see if Tresa and Matt notice when they are here for Christmas next week!

Well, the "big girl" tree will have to do for this year, because it is already up and decorated....but look out Christmas of 2009, I think it just might be time for a change....again!


Christy said...

We still do the 'kid tree' but add some new stuff every year. I think I'll probably always do the kid tree. My brother died at an early age and I suppose it's a nice way to still have him 'around' at Christmas. :) My Mom has a small tree that she calls her 'lodgey tree'. She fills it with rustic cabin like things. I just can't seem to get into the theme thing. But it's a pretty tree.

By the way, I just wanted to say that the greeting card in your shop entitled 'Waiting For Santa' is adorable. :)

lyptis said...

Thats cute!
Love the little angel!
we dont have a tree, for me and my boyfriend its all about food food food some dvd's and maybe going to the beach if the weather is nice!
Happy christmas to u!:)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Confession, ready? I have never had the kid-friendly tree. I'm a decorating dictator. I have done it alone for 17 years that I've been married and setting up a tree. I have a theme/color scheme every year and even the wrapping paper matches. If we receive gifts from others, they go under the "other" tree which is where the children's handmade ornaments and other little fun stuff goes. It's horrible, I know-but after giving up all of *my* stuff and having things *my* way as an only child-this I was not parting with.

It's a joke as well as an event of sorts, relatives call and ask what color/theme I'll have each year. This year, silver and snowflakes.

AngelaMichelle said...

We used to do the kid tree, but as my brothers & I got older, my mom got her way, & now we have the "decorator tree". I actually do like it better & am wondering what will happen when I have kids :)

Great article!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I love it how we think alike - my post today is also about the tree:):)

Elena said...

Love the ornaments!

We decorate with a red & gold theme every year. Eric has been making an ornament for our 3 year old every year though. It pretty cool to see what he comes up with each year!

Btw, I left ya a little somethin', somthin'...


TheClackHouse said...

hahaha! I have 5 boys between the ages of 12-1 1/2! And yes, I have the "kid" tree up. Although I do have visions of my "big girl" tree....maybe at least CLEAR lights! We still use the same colored lights! And all the handmade ornaments the boys have made in school.

Liz said...

You have so many lovely items I especially like the tree shirt

Mary said...

i love all the stories and memories that ornaments evoke for us. wrote about it myself today on my blog so we're thinking along the same lines!

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