Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ho-Ho-Holiday Preparations

Oh's almost here! I am so excited as always. How are your holiday plans coming? I really do love this time of year. Irv and I headed out early this morning to finish up the shopping. My plan was that I was not coming home until I was done, and I did it! I must say that Mr. Bah Humbug started to get a bit cranky when we left the mall and headed into town to hit a few other stores. He can only tolerate so much holiday spirit in one day.

Me, I could have circled the mall all day and been very happy. I love the atmosphere. I love the people and the decorations. Ho-Ho-Ho!!!

We went into the pet store and Mr. Humbug wasn't pleased that I spent over $30 on the four dogs. We have two and the boys each have one. Good dog toys aren't cheap. Ours are getting the fleece toys without the stuffing because no matter how strong it says they little toy fox terrier, Sparky can destroy it in no time and she throws that stuffing everywhere! Mine got the cheap toys. It's the boy's border collie and aussie that cost a bit more. Hey, they are bigger and require bigger toys. Ho-Ho-Ho. I don't care. I love the dogs.

We finally got home and Mr. Humbug started straightening up the "guest" room, figuring someone will be sleeping in there. Mr. Humbug was crabby. He didn't want to be cleaning the guest room. I said I would do it, but Mr. Humbug likes to do nice things and then complain the entire time he does them.

Then we talked to Matt and he thought the basement might be a better place for him to sleep because it's bigger and he travels with a lot of stuff. So, Mr. Humbug went down and cleaned up a bit down there. Now, even though Mr. Humbug complained, he made it so nice down there with the little fake fireplace and some Christmas lights. I told you he does a lot of nice things, I think he just likes to hear himself complain.

I sat on my workshop floor (and let me tell you...sitting on the floor is not very comfortable anymore) and got all of the gifts into the boxes and started wrapping and after two whole gifts I ran out of tape. UGH! I had hoped to get everything wrapped tonight. So, Mr. Humbug went to town to get a new furnace filter and tape....and Subway for dinner.

After dinner I will dig in and start wrapping again. Matt just called and he will probably stop for the night in a couple hours. He's been driving for 15 hours already on only 3 hours of sleep. He hit some nasty weather in Colorado that slowed him down a bit and his windshield squirter things were plugged up and wouldn't squirt! He wants to be home by 11:00 tomorrow...he didn't say why, but I would suspect that it has something to do with football.

Oh, we also have to fix our little Charlie Brown tree...he is trying very hard to fall over. We will never, ever buy that type of tree again. The trunk is very soft as are all of the branches. The lights are having a hard time staying on the branches and now he is falling......timber!!!!

I was talking on the phone earlier to Mr. Humbug's and my daughter, Tresa who I shall from here on out call....Ms. Humbug. Ms. Humbug decided that next Christmas I am going to go shopping with Chris, her soon to be husband, and she is going shopping with Mr. Bah Humbug. She likes Christmas about as much as he does. She went shopping today and hated the snow, the people, the lines and everything else about it. Hmmmmmm....wonder where she gets that from.



sherry said...

Well you certainly are in the swing of things. Our tree is up, my husband just cut the bottom off to make it fresh, and I'm heading to the attic for the ornaments. Cue the music!

Angela said...

Glad to see you are in the spirit. My Mr. Humbug went on a late night trip to Wal Mart with me last night. They had 2 registers open and about 50 people in line. I kept waiting for the Humbug to come out in him...but he kept it to himself. I know it was hard for him.

Random Musings said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing! I hope your joyous Christmas spirit passes on to those bah humbug family members! Happy Holidays and thanks for posting on my blog!

aliceinparis said...

Hope you son gets a good rest!
Dogs are people too:) They need their presents:))

Meekiyu said...

lolol... sounds like a lot of humbug... I think my little SO likes to hear himself complain when he does good deeds and likes shopping as much as your dear Mr. and Ms. Humbug. Glad you're full of Christmas Cheer! =D

Mary said...

love your descriptions ;-)

sounds like you're having fun in spite of all the bahs and humbugs around you. went shopping with my hubby today who was surprisingly happy and into it for once!

Black Rose said...

I've enjoyed reading this! Think I'm beginning to be a little bit like Mr Humbug! I love buying presents for people, but hate the crowds at this time of the year.

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