Sunday, December 7, 2008

In A Wii Bit Of Trouble

My son and husband picked me up at the train yesterday after my day in the Windy City. We walked in the door at home and they were a bit on the quiet side. In fact, when I talked to my son on the phone when I was in the city....he sounded a bit "strange". I suspected something was going on. I found out what that was when I walked into my living room to find it had been totally rearranged.

Michael and Irv had been complaining about my seating arrangement for quite some time, and took advantage of the fact that I was gone for the day, to come up with their own seating arrangement.

We have a tiny house and the living room furniture we have is really too big for the room. They always complained that they just couldn't get comfortable to watch the game (Bears) . It seemed the couch was at the wrong angle.

So all got moved. I must admit, with a little centering and shifting of a couple of things...I really do like it. Then I found out the true reason for the rearrangement. Michael wanted to get a Wii game and have it hooked up here for Christmas and there wasn't enough room to play the game!!!

He had been calling around and it seemed everyone was out of them, but hoped to get more in by Christmas. I told him that someone said that the Game Stop had Wii games, so he immediately got on the phone and yes, they had 2 left. I've never seen anyone move so fast! He flew out the door with Irv hobbling along behind him, and they were on their way to the neighboring town to "look at" it. Have you ever in your life flown out the door just to "look" at something??

A short time later they were back. I called out from the workshop, "Do I hear a bag?" Michael comes walking into my workshop with a big grin on his face and guilt in his heart. It seemed he had tried to call his wife, Bernadette on the way to the Game Stop to discuss this $300 purchase and she didn't answer. So now he had this wonderful game but still needed to go home to discuss it with his wife. He put the coveted prize on my closet shelf and headed home.

I received a text message later on that said "Approval Granted, get ready to Wiiiiiiii!" I texted him back and asked him if Bernadette knew that the Wii game was already on my closet shelf? He texted me back and said, "Of course...and it isn't like the money is coming out of our savings. I am using my saved up spending money and getting an advance of next week's allowance."

So, with the marriage and the finances in tact....he came over today before the Bears game and opened up the Wii box. He started laying the many parts and gadgets on the table and in a short time was entering things like the date and time on the T.V. using the controller. I will say he was a bit concerned when he was having a hard time controlling the mouse to get it in the right box to enter the date and time. He's thinking the games might not be as easy as they seem to be.

For me, it brought back memories of Michael and his brother, Matt sitting on the floor in front of the T.V. years ago playing Nintendo. It didn't seem to matter what game it was...Matt would sit as still as could be with just his hands moving the controller, and then there was Michael...he would lean left, he would lean right, his tongue was always sticking out, he would jump up and sit though all of those things would get him better results! I use to sit behind them and be crying from laughing so hard!

I can't wait until Christmas when we all gather and play this thing. I have heard so much about it. It makes me a bit nervous that they warn you to strap the controller to your wrist so it doesn't go flying, intentionally or otherwise!

I did find out after the fact, that when they were pulling into the parking lot at the Game Stop, two other cars were also pulling in. Irv needs a hip replacement and he moves and walks very slowly. Michael, being afraid that the men in the other cars might beat them into the store and buy the two remaining Wii games told Irv, I'm going in....and RAN all of the way into the store bypassing the sidewalk and running through the piled up snow instead!! Boys will be boys...even when they are 28 years old!


glassidentities said...

number one.. DO strap on the controller.. I thought.. yeah right whatever.. lol then threw it into the entertainmet center.. thankfully only knocking all the movies off the shelf.... you will have so much fun.. we have had one for two years.. love it.. kids from 2 to grandmas of 86 have played at our house... great fun

Meekiyu said...

Wii is one of the best family oriented systems out there! I don't have one =( but I'm fortunate enough for many of my friends to have one. It is guaranteed loads of fun... yeah and be careful with those controllers... when me and my friend were playing wii tennis (enormous fun wii sports is) she swung right and hit me smack dab into my elbow. I had a bruise there for a couple of days... lolol... but enjoy! I know you and your family would have tons of fun!!

¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

I still find them frightening for some reason lol! I will have to check out this craze someday :)

Angela said...

I loved this post! I giggled and even read it aloud to my husband. I especially love the part when Irv gets left in the car!

You are going to love it! I bowled on mine today!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Congrats to him on finding a Wii! They are hard to come by. I like this quote, "Approval Granted." Great story!

aliceinparis said...

Ha ha! Guess what I have hidden behind my bedroom door for Christmas?? Starts with W. I also snagged the Wii fit. I can hardly wait to get it hooked up on Christmas. My daughter has been begging for one, this is our first electronic game system. No nintendo or x box etc. ever. She will be thrilled and I can hardly wait to try it out too:)) An expensive gift but that's it.
Cheers, Shelagh

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