Friday, December 12, 2008

There Is No Quick Fix

I listen to my body, and I have known for quite a while that it isn't functioning the way it should be. Even though I knew I wasn't going to like the outcome, I went and had the ALCAT Food Sensitivity blood test done to see what it is that I am eating or exposing myself to that is making me feel just plain old crappy.

I'm sure there are people that question the accuracy of this kind of medical test....I myself question the accuracy of most medical tests. When I have tests done, I listen to what the doctor has to say when they give me my results, and then I always do what I feel is best for me...and it isn't always what the doctor says. I use test results as guidelines, just as I am going to do with the results of the ALCAT test.

The results of the test really surprised me. I expected to be sensitive to wheat and chocolate like I have been for years, and then I thought maybe dairy and corn. Those are fairly common culprits. What I found out was that I have a severe intolerance to asparagus, avocado, brussel sprouts, celery, cucumber and sweet potato. I can live without the celery and cucumber, but I'm a vegetarian, and I love the rest of those foods. The list of things I have a moderate intolerance to was long, but on that list was banana, spinach, brewer's yeast and white potato. That is a big problem. First of all, I eat a banana 5 days a week for the potassium. I eat spinach in my salads because it is so good for you, and I like potatoes and french fries and chips.

The other thing the test told me is that I have a moderate reaction to Candida Albicans which can cause all kinds of issues that I would rather not have. In order to avoid that, I need to avoid things like fructose, cane sugar, baker's yeast, honey, beet sugar and mushrooms. I also have a slight reaction to Gliadin, which is related to gluten and they recommend I limit barley, wheat, oat and rye.

I react severely to sorbic acid and yellow #5, and to one type of common mold and to nickel sulfate.

Through my regular blood test, I found out that my cholesterol and all of that stuff is good, however I am low in folate, which you get from spinach, broccoli, avocado, bread and bananas...among other things. I also have insufficient Vitamin D.

I can honestly tell you that when I eat certain things, I really don't feel well. I don't get sick to my stomach...I just don't feel "right". It's hard to explain, but if you are really in tune with your body, you know.

So, what do I do now? First off, I already got back on my multi vitamins that I had stopped taking about 4 months ago, and some omegas. I need to find a way to supplement my folate and Vitamin D, but I think I will wait until I go for my annual checkup in January and ask the Internist what she suggests for that.

What I have decided to do about the food sensitivities is to take the next two weeks to go over the results and decide what things I will immediately stop eating and develop a food plan for myself using the foods I can eat. I do not want to start right now for 2 reasons, first I don't have any idea what I am going to be eating yet, and I am not giving up my Christmas cookies. It would be unreasonable to try to start now. I would setting myself up to fail.

The foods I have a severe intolerance to I need to avoid for 6 months. The things that were moderate....3 to 6 months. It is also important to rotate the things you eat and not eat the same things all of the time.

Do you know how many things have yeast in them? Any idea how much stuff has sweeteners in them? Those are going to be difficult for me, and I hate giving up any vegetables, but it is what it is. I will do my best to come up with something that works for me. It suggests that vegetarians add meat to their diet if possible for a few months....I can't do that.

The change in my diet will be drastic, and I know that I am not going to be a happy little camper for a while as I adjust...but I also know that I don't want to keep feeling like I feel now, so I will do it.

My husband and son were teasing me last night about all of my food sensitivities. I two will be sorry when I start my new food plan, because I will be the crabbiest SOB on the face of the earth for a while. I would suggest you be nice to me or the wrath of Kath will be upon you!

I will let you know when I start, and I will let you know from time to time how I am doing. I did it before and I can do it again.....I think. Wish me luck....and now where are those Christmas cookies?


Angela said... poor thing! My husband has severe allergies to food and grass and metal. His allergies are so bad it is actually a disease called Chronic Urticaria. It is SO hard to have to read labels and watch everything so carefully. I feel for you..and I understand. I hope it becomes easy for you. I will be thinking about you.

Waterstone Jewelry said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that, but at least you have a good plan in place. My daughter was diagnosed with ceilacs this year and chronic fatigue two years ago, so I know how tough it is to have the sensitivities! I would love to know a bit more about the test you had. I'm going to contact you directly. Thanks for the article!

Mary said...

there must be a way to find a balance with all this and it sounds like you're being pretty sensible about it. i had a friend with a similar experience and he got very ill after changing his diet so drastically so be gentle with yourself. he now eats as he always did but in much smaller quantities and he limits the things that really bother him--which he did find out dramatically as he gave stuff up! so good luck!

aliceinparis said...

I went on the Candida diet for a while and did feel better but it is so hard to stick to. I know that there are loads of things I am eating that I an intolerant to but have never been disciplined enough to methodically eliminate things and see. I might try that test. I do take Vit D supplements and folic acid. Up here, there is no way we get enough sunshine. I think most people are lacking in D. Gosh, you will be limited for a while but once you figure out a menu plan, I think it will be easier and you will have energy and feel much better. I think I am talking myself into a diet overhaul:)

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