Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Day After Christmas

We are actually celebrating our Christmas today with our kids. I am busy making some goodies for this afternoon, gluten free peanut butter bars for Tresa and an eclair cake for Michael and Matt. Irv just ran out for some last minute things. The gifts are all wrapped and we are ready to go. The kids will be here around 1:00 and I think everyone is staying over night, so I don't think I will get back to blog tonight.

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and that you are able to rest and regroup today. I know many people are working today and that is not cool! I took this whole week off to spend time with Matt, and we are having a wonderful time.

I am so sore from all of the wii bowling yesterday, but I am the champ for the moment with a big 265 game! Woo hoo! I know everyone will be out to get me today though and I don't think I like that feeling.

Have a nice day today and I will be back tomorrow to let you know how the day went. I also started on my decoupage items yesterday and they are lookin' good! I'll post some pics soon.

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Mary said...

Hope you had a great day. I love the day after Christmas...mostly because it's the day after Christmas and I just get to hang out ;-)

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