Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love Days Off

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I took the day off today because I had a doctor appointment for my annual physical with my internist. They called at 6:50 a.m. to let me know that the doctor had an emergency and they needed to reschedule my appointment. So, I rescheduled the appointment for Monday because I am off for President's Day.

No longer needing to head over to the doctor, I looked at my "to do" list and did a little rearranging. I spent a little time on Twitter and in the etsy forms and then got to work on some new decoupage things I'm making for MyOtherShop.

Did I ever tell you how much I love days off? I live for the day that I can retire and be home every day to do whatever it is that I feel like doing. Since that isn't in the cards for quite some time for me....I try to make really good use of my days off from the other job.

I worked in my shop for a while and then went to run a few errands. That included a stop at the Bead Boss in town to scope out some possible ideas for Tresa's wedding necklace, and a stop at the craft store to do the same thing. While I was there I sent Tresa a text to ask her a few questions to try to help narrow down the necklace possibilities. Sparkly? Green? Gold? Chain? Beads? Pearls? Pendant? Stone? We narrowed it down to green, gold, chain or beads and pendant. Still haven't bought anything yet.

When I got home I hit the workshop again and took some photos and got some things ready to list. I ended up having a really productive day. I listed a photo in FourDogDay. It's a friend of Matt's hiking up the side of a mountain with his snowboard. The view is awesome!

I also managed to get some descent photos of a little purple floral trinket box and a really fun photo frame I had finished a few days ago. I got them both listed and they even got some immediate views. That was encouraging. I also finished another little bird house and another cute picture frame. I am having so much fun with the stuff for MyOtherShop. I love the painting and cutting paper and gluing and sanding and making things look old when they really aren't.

I thought I would make cards and tags and bookmarks forever because I really enjoyed it, but I love the messiness of decoupage. So even though my day off didn't start out as planned, I was able to grab that extra time and make good use of it. I really feel like I have found what I am meant to be doing.

How about you? If you have an etsy shop, are you making what you have always made, or did you start out doing something else and change course along the way? I would love to hear about it.


Angie's Design Shop said...

I love days off!!!!'re it...
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Mary said...

sounds like you had a very productive day "off."

i do whatever i feel like doing. i don't sell it all on etsy or anywhere else, most of the time so the stuff i do sell tends to be my overflow....

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Those are such cute items! Love the papers you find to decoupage with.

I have an award for your blog here come and pick it up! :D

T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a day "off"!

My jewelry shop on Etsy is pretty much the outlet for my hands whilst my mind is laying out ideas for my writing. Hopefully when I start pushing out zines, the following I've garnered from my presence on Etsy through jewelry design and fora participation will pay off.

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