Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh So Shy

I think I saw it in the etsy forums the other day. People were talking about blogging. Someone whose forum posts I really enjoy reading said that she is really shy and that is why she loves the internet. I never would have thought that of her. Her forum posts are friendly and informative. I would have guessed her to be a very outgoing person that was comfortable in a crowd.

I knew as soon as I started blogging I was going to love it and I knew exactly why. I am also really shy. In fact, I am a very quiet person. Now my family would laugh at that statement, because they know me to never shut up. I wake up in the morning talking and I go to bed talking! I'm not referring to when I'm at home with family....I'm talking about when I'm out and about, when I'm at work or around people in a social setting. Then I'm quiet.

Sometimes I'm quiet because I don't like the topic of conversation. I don't gossip. It isn't my thing. If that's what is going on, I will never participate and often times will find a reason to leave.

I don't have friends that I hang out with or talk to on the phone, and I'm okay with that. I am a bit of a "happy loner". We had many friends when our kids were little, but when the kids grew up those friendships didn't last. They were based on baseball and soccer.

I love blogging because I can talk and talk and talk and no one talks over me or interrupts me or steals my spotlight! It's wonderful.

I don't like people to look at me either, so this is the perfect platform for me. And even though I love doing nice things for others, a quiet thank you is sufficient. I don't want any applause and I don't want any awards. I don't speak in front of crowds big or small. I'm a behind the scenes kind of girl.

Now, on the other hand I am very opinionated. I know where I stand on certain topics and I will defend my position without hesitation especially if it is something that I know I am right about...and did I happen to mention that I am always right? :-)

I don't go on line searching for friends or people to talk to, but I have met some amazing people through the etsy forums, my blog and twitter that I call my "online friends".

So, here's to the internet, etsy, blogging and the many friendships they have brought even this shy girl from a little town in Illinois!


Lanyardlady said...

sounds like me! when i was little i would cry when people sang happy birthday to me. your blog is so well written and entertaining. i hope you keep on blogging...

Angie's Design Shop said...

I totally understand...I'm shy too!! I find it a lot easier to blog about what's on my mind, although I'm just starting.

Malissa said...

Awww, sweet post! I found you through one of those Etsy blog threads, and I'm sure glad I did!
Your great!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Ha, ha, I hope one day I get to meet you Kathy:) We are so much alike, it is downright scary:):) Blogging is definitely your thing, I enjoy reading your blog daily.

NewLifeDesigns said...

I can relate. Being older with all kids long gone, I've had to look for other ways to define who I am nowadays. I am also on the wallflower side when it comes to being around people I don't know, and even in the Forums & other blogs, I find I tend to just hover around & read about other people a lot. But my blog is a neat way to express yourself and discover who you really are! You can touch other people also. Pam

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Blogging is certainly the ideal outlet for me. I'm not "shy" but I am introverted and easily overwhelmed by certain energies. Blogging allows me to form close relationships from a very safe distance it's the happy medium.

aliceinparis said...

I think blogging is a wonderful outlet for people who enjoy communicating. Shy and lonely people get to mingle with others, share opinions, and connect in ways that would not be possible without it. It has made may people's lives much richer I think.
Cheers, Shelagh


I'm not shy, that's for sure, but I still don't like being sandwiched in a crowd.
Yes, this blogging gig suits the inner 'Hermit' in me to a "T"...

Yes, we must be opinionated in order to feel the need to post own views.

This is an interesting... arena.

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