Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Wedding Should Be Without a Little Dave Matthews

When my son Michael was in high school he introduced me to the music of Dave Matthews. I have always enjoyed music and I can listen to just about anything....except country music. It didn't take long, and I was a big Dave Matthews fan. Dave's voice is kind of gritty and gravely at times and I love that. Michael started burning me every CD he had and before I knew it I was hooked...big time. I listened to nothing but Dave and was happy doing so.

Michael got Irv and I tickets to a concert that he and his friends were going to at Alpine Valley which is a little bit over the border in Wisconsin. He and his friends were camping up there and had lawn seats and he got pavilion seats for us. I remember thinking how great it was going to be in the pavilion, just sitting and listening to Dave sing his little heart out. We would actually be close enough to see him! Well, we were close enough to see him, but sit??? Not a chance. The second he came out on stage every person in the pavilion stood up and remained standing for the entire concert! In fact, everyone kind of squished to the front and center, so you really didn't know where your seats were anyway. So, it was either stand or not see! As you can tell, it had been a very long time since I had been to a concert! I really loved it anyway and had no problem standing for the entire concert, especially when he sang my two favorite songs at the time in the first half hour! Woo hoo!

When Michael got married three years ago, Dave had recently released an album and one of the songs was called "Steady As We Go". It was a beautiful love song, and Michael and Bernadette chose it for their first dance. The words are just amazing and to this day, I cannot listen to that song without getting tears in my eyes. Click on the first picture of Dave for a video of Dave singing "Steady As We Go." Just use your back button to come back to the blog when it's done.

Well, Tresa e-mailed me this week and asked me what I thought of the lyrics to another Dave song called, "Loving Wings", that they plan to use as one of the readings during their ceremony. They aren't having a church wedding so they can have whatever kind of readings they want.

I wasn't familiar with the song, so I immediately hit the internet to find it. You can click on the second picture of Dave if you want to hear it. It's another great love song and the lyrics will make a wonderful reading. I told Tresa that maybe Dave could come and sing it for her, and she suggested Matthew, our youngest son see if he could arrange that.

Of course, she was joking, but Matt was in Hawaii this past summer for a benefit concert that Dave was performing at, and he ended up staying in the same hotel as Dave and his family. He met Dave and got to talk to him and got a picture taken with him. He also met Dave's wife and played with his twins. I was so very jealous...but then being the shy girl that I am, I could never meet him in person. I would have no idea what to say...."Uh, Hi Dave. I love your music." Matt said he was a bit star struck, but Matt can talk to anyone about anything...he did not inherit my shy gene for sure.

So, anyway, if you are a Dave fan...good for you...because he has some great music. If you've never heard the Dave Matthews Band, get on the internet and search for some live recordings and take a listen. The two love songs are beautiful, but that isn't what all of his music sounds like.

Do you enjoy music? Is it part of every day for you? What do you like? Please share...I am always open to listening to something new!


sherry said...

Dave Matthews is one of my favorites, as well as my sons's. His music is for all of us, and perfect for a wedding.

NewLifeDesigns said...

My son has introduced me to a lot of different music, as he is also a professional musician with his own band. He also recommended Dave, and Rob Thomas, Foo Fighters, several others I can't remember now. I love just about every kind of music, except opera, and being a child of the 60's, have had the chance to experience a lot. It's funny, I remember my parents saying, "That's not music!", when we were listening to our stuff, but, I can't remember ever saying that to mine. Cool! Pam

Angela said...

I suggest Amos Lee. He has a beautiful voice. I went to one of his concerts last year and it was amazing. He took the time to meet everyone after the concert and take pictures. I really think you would like him. Of course, Aubrey is my favorite and he does a few Dave Matthews covers.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm crushed, I never knew Dave was married-so you mean, he isn't really singing to me then?! Number 41 is one of my favorite songs...I'm a HUGE Dave fan. What separates his music from a lot of what is coming out and on the radio is the depth of his lyricism-sheer poetic genius.

Um, what do I listen to-well, lots of world music...
Les Nubians-Demain (Jazz version)
Sara Tavares-One Love
Nitin Sawhney-Homelands

a few local and from across the pond...

Alice Smith-Love's Endeavor
Adele-Right as Rain
Sara Bareilles-Love Song

I put a fave song next to each so you can get a general idea of what their sound is.I hope you find something you like.

aliceinparis said...

My daughter's music teacher all through high school isDave mathews crazy. Went to a concert in Boston with her son and paid $500!!!!!!!!!!!!! for a ticket. I have never heard him that I know of, off to click your link:)

Justgivemepeace said...

Nice music to wake up to! Coffee and Love Songs! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dave Matthews band makes me so happy. I've been a fan since the beginning and I think they just get better as the years pass. I also have to agree with Angela that you should give Amos Lee a listen to and while you're at it give a listen to Ray LaMontagne. Both amazing artist.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Hi! Came to visit from Teanhoneybread (had to see what she said about Dave Matthews, because well she can be so outrageous!)

Yup. Teenaged kids introduced me to Dave Matthew Band and I've never looked back....

You might want to visit A Cuban in London on Sundays if you want musical introductions!

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