Friday, January 30, 2009

Straight Or Not Straight?

Jeans! I have been looking on line for a new pair of jeans! Tresa's Bachelorette Party or Girls Night Out Party or whatever you happen to call it is the end of February and it's casual. We're meeting at a place called Think Cafe on Western Avenue in Chicago. The party is hosted by Tresa's matron of honor.

Anyway, I've been looking at jeans. I'm a 57 year old Gap girl. Gap jeans fit me really well so I tend to always shop there when I need jeans. Looking at their website, I saw mostly flare leg jeans like I've been wearing for years now. They did have a few of the skinny straight leg styles so I assumed that style must be making a come back. Next, I went to the J Crew website.......not that I buy much at J Crew, but they seem to be more of a trendsetter than Gap so I wanted to see what they were showing. Yikes! They had almost all straight legged jeans. I have seen some people wearing them, but not a lot yet.

So, I ask you.....straight or not straight?

Suddenly I am having these flashbacks to my teen years. I can see myself sitting on the edge of my bed, struggling to get my heel through the tiny little opening at the bottom of the jeans leg! I'm wiggling my foot up and down, up and down, point, flex, point, I ever so slowly inch my foot through the whole a little millimeter at a time. It's hard to fit a Size 7 foot through that teensy weensy hole! Once I finally got my foot through the hole....I got to repeat the entire process again for the other foot.

Next, I'm standing up and pulling on each pant leg to get the jeans up to my thighs. I started down by the ankle where the jeans were sitting and little by little pulled them up my legs to my thighs. Once I could get a good grip on the waist, I would jump, and jump and jump as I pulled and tugged to get the jeans over my butt and hips.....and I had a pretty little butt and hips back then.

Oh no...not done yet! Now I had to fall back on the bed and take a wire hanger and put the curved top of the hanger through the hole in my zipper. I would lay on the bed and hang on to the hanger with one hand while trying to pull the two sides of the zipper as close together as possible. Once I got the zipper moving, I would use both hands on the hanger to pull the zipper up the rest of the way. Now my hands would be dented and sore from the wire hanger, but I still had to button the button.


So here I am lying on my bed, jeans on, zipped and buttoned, but guess what? I can't get up. Really! My jeans are so tight that my body won't bed to allow me to sit up.

If I am lucky enough to have a friend in the room, they brace themselves against the side of the bed, reach out a helping hand and pull me straight up to a standing position. If there is no friend in the room, I roll to my side and very carefully wiggle my way off the bed into an upright position! Tah dah!!!!!! I did it! I put on my jeans and oh they are so darn cute. They actually look like someone took a can of denim spray paint and sprayed my legs!!

I don't think the straight leg jeans of today are quite as tight as ours were back then, but still...the thought of purchasing a pair is making me a bit queasy!

So, I ask you again....straight or not straight?


paperhill said...

hello! i love the Gap, i buy most of my jeans there too! i like the wider leg with a nice high boot for a night out. but is see alot of the straight leg with the pants tucked into the boots. good luck!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I know the 80's straight legs have come out again. remember the ones w/ the zippers on the sides so you could get your foot through them? I remember taking older pants and turning them inside out and pinning and stitching them up so they would be tight. Or the old folding them over and then cuffing. Thats what my bf did w/ his 501's and converse lol!

I like the not so flared but staight it called boot cut? Those are still my fav..I haven't been able to get back into that 80's straight tight trend again. Though I did love my tight stretch pants w/ shaker sweaters and my dads too big button up shirt w/ the bottom hanging out and a brooch at the top button. That was so fun and comfy to wear!

elizabethjayne said...

I like flared for most everything, but I own a couple of pairs of straight-leg jeans for tucking into warm boots or wellies!

Angela said...


I am not very big on the straight jeans because I have wide hips. If I do wear straight jeans I wear a long tunic and tuck them into boots.

I prefer jeans with a trouser cut for nights out. They are comfy and just dressy enough so that you do not feel under dressed... but not so dressy that you feel over dressed. I would go with a dark wash trouser cut jean. Clinton and Stacey always suggest these jeans and I have to agree.

LeelaBijou said...

Most of my jeans are straight, it´s a big trend right now where I live.
I like what Angela said, combining them with a tunic and boots.

Cathy Winsby said...

No way am I going back to those skinny jeans again!! Not that I could put them on anymore anyway.

Since my body has relaxed, I quite enjoy my relaxed fitted "not straight" jean.

Thanks for the memory write a wonderful blog. :)

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet you! I just bought a pair of very straight, pegged looking jeans last year. I pulled them on and they fit like a glove..and actually showed I had a bod!..Instant flashbacks though from high school in the 80's much like what you described! I love my new jeans though!

aliceinparis said...

Skinny leg jeans are hard to wear well. I go for a slight flare, Boot cut?

The_Frustrated_Writer said...

I know the 80's are coming back to haunt us, Lol. go with the straight if you are wearing heels or boots. That will make you look great!

Spiderbite said...

skinny straight for boots. flair for everything else!

I don't actually where the skinny jeans with boots. i just want to. I have awesome knee length boots, but I usually end up rolling my jeans up so you can them or wearing the with skirts. Need some skinny leg jeans that can go inside the boot!

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