Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Snob" or "Slob"?

So, are you an underwear "snob" or an underwear "slob"?

Now, don't take offense please! I just loved the sound of it. It worked better you buy your underwear for "looks" or for "laughs"? Or how about....really special or blue light special? Suitable for a queen, or hardly suitable? Victoria Secret, or it's a secret? See "snob" and "slob" just work better!

Do you buy the finest bras and panties money can buy? Lovely lace? Can't walk out the door if your bra and panties don't match? Or...

do you reach in your underwear drawer and whatever you grab will work just fine....holey undies, bras with the underwire poking out?

I admit it...I am all about comfort. I would fall somewhere in between "snob" and "slob". I don't wear holey under garments, but they are a far cry from the drop dead gorgeous lingerie you see at Victoria Secret!

No lace here. It just isn't comfy. I do have a couple cute little matching lacy sets in my drawer...somewhere. They are down under all of the wonderful little cotton print Gap bikinis and plain old lightly padded beige bras. Under the comfy Gap bikinis, you will also find an array of thongs that will probably never see the light of day again. I think I bought every pair I saw for a while thinking that eventually I would find one that was comfy and by wearing a thong...I could easily knock 30-35 years off my "underwear age". Personally, I don't care how many years it knocks's just not worth it!

Back in the 60's I went braless. I remember having to wear a bra when I left the house and then when I was out of my dad's it came. I never burned any of my bras, but I sure didn't wear them.

Going braless is not hard to do though when you have a very small chest. Back then I was a AA and then I zoomed right up to an A! I could probably still go braless, except that gravity and three children dictate that I not try it.

What got me started on this whole underwear issue is that because of the upcoming wedding, I've been doing a lot of shopping. I have seen some darn lovely lingerie! It really made me want to buy some and I still might at some point, but for now I am enjoying the brand new cute little cotton print Gap bikinis that just got delivered with my skinny jeans last week!!

So tell us....."snob" or "slob"?


Kala Pohl Studio said...

Ha, ha, I loved the post Kathy. Hmmm...I think I fall in between too. But more comfort than anything else for me. I am not a fan of thongs, something wierd about things riding up your butt:):)

I just realized, I was reading your post when you were leaving me a comment - how in sync is that:)

Angela said...

My husband bought me a ton of underwear for Christmas. He said "this box is for you and this box is for me." The ones for me were the Hanes that are "Wedgie Free" I love them! They are so cozy! The ones for him are the little boy shorts where half my butt is sticking out.

Lanyardlady said...

What a hoot! Definitely leaning toward slob here, and thongs are just wrong!

Cathy Winsby said...

I fall a little closer to slob at the moment since I need new undies...definately...but no way, no how am I getting a thong! They don't make those in 'comfy'.

A smaller butt to go with the undies would be nice too. :)

aliceinparis said...

comfort all the way.............

Jam & Jerusalem said...

One of the great unanswered questions of out time!
Honest answer?........Slob.

But i do try not to keep them until they go 'grandma slip grey' anymore. Once i had a pair so long that the elastic kept coming out of the leg and i kept pulling it until one day i pulled them out of the washing machine to find that the elastic had wrapped around the drum and i had to cut them out.

Hangs head in shame.
Have a great weekend Kathy :)

RockerJewlz said...

I'm a bit of a slob in body shape so there is no way I can wear snob underclothes!

I've read that French women feel it is utterly crucial to wear fancy undies & bras as that sets your mood for the day just knowing how fabulous you look under your outerwear.

Wish this slob could wear undies of a snob..boohoo.

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