Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weddings, Zits and Broken Nails

I noticed last week that my finger nails were all the same length. How on earth did that happen? I have bad nails and even though I'm not a girly girl, I do at times suffer from the dreaded "Nail envy". I see these women with these lovely nails all filed so perfectly, shiny, polished and healthy looking...cuticles all pushed back. You know the ones I'm talking about...maybe you are one of "those women".

I look down at my hands and wish I could bring back the wearing of gloves! My cuticles are dry, jagged and I'm constantly nibbling at them. I tug and pull until I tear the little sucker right up to my first knuckle, then they bleed, then they heal and then we start the same game all over again. My nails are short, never the same length and are full of ridges. (I know that means I'm lacking something, I've just not figured out what yet.)

I use to wear clear polish all the time and sometimes colors, but I discontinued using it because I am working at not putting chemicals on my body if I can help it. I even stopped coloring my hair about 2 years ago. Really! Right now it is a lovely grayish-blondish color.

So, I noticed that my nails and cuticles are looking almost presentable...that made me start to wonder what the odds are that they will still look like that for the wedding in two weeks. My guess is somewhere between slim and none. It would be nice, but not very likely.

Sunday I was working on my new tile coasters and light switch covers...both require lots of glue and the constant use of your fingers to smooth and press and stick the fabric down. Over the course of the day, I had to have washed my hands at least 30 times...no lie!

When I washed them for the last time, I finally had all of glue off my hands, but my poor nails were stark white, caked with layers of yukky kind of dried glue! I was able to get it all off with nail polish remover, but the day had taken quite a toll on my nails. They were super soft and not lookin' very good.

I think the Goddess of Nice Nails is with me right now because the next day, they all seemed pretty happy once again and that made me happy but still wondering how long my good fortune will last.

Then I looked in the mirror and noticed this little red spot on the side of my nose...OMG NO...not a ZIT in the making!!! NOT FOR THE WEDDING!!

Out came the alcohol and my super duper stop the zit in it's tracks treatment has begun!!! Where the hell is that Goddess of the Clear Complexion when you need her?


Lanyardlady said...

Can't help with the zits but my nails always look like crap unless I eat yogurt every day. As the mother of the bride why not treat yourself to a manicure!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

I hope it all works itself out in time for the wedding, but whether it does or doesn't... remember to Forget It All when the time comes and just enjoy the special day. ;)

Angela said...

AW! Not a zit! That really sucks. Don't you just hate getting a zit as a "grown up"? Once I had a zit right next to my first age spot. How unfair is that? I hope it goes away soon. I heard toothpaste on a zit works. Maybe give that a try?

aliceinparis said...

Loved the title of this post:)) Made me laugh. Can you wear those tight surgical gloves as you work? Might help your hands.
Ah zits, those mysterious little creatures. They come and go at the most unfortunate times. You still have time to get rid of this one!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

On no, Kathy. But, do not fear, by the time the wedding rolls around, you will be zit free:):) I am sure there is some stress with the wedding arrangements, ergo the zit:)

I enjoyed the post, but then I love reading all your posts:):)

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Definitely toothpaste on the zit. Works every time, of course put it on at night when it doesn't matter who sees you! I love having messy, jaggedy edged nails and painty hands. I feel like it screams I'm an artist and gives me an excuse to start up a conversation with somebody who has nice nails and then I hand them my business card. :o)

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Ummmm....petitioning two goddesses at one time might take extra offering! ; ) I swear by this little bottle of liquid (non-potable) vitamin E for my nails that I picked up at CVS. I don't have great nails either, but the oil seems to keep them from sliding towards horrid...(artists' nails are never good!).

Remember, no one will notice one way or the other....

Mary said...

you'll be beautiful as the mother of the bride no matter what so don't worry!

Shaunna said...

As a soil scientist I can't keep nice nails. I finally learned not to chew them but since I am literally digging in dirt all summer they stay dirty all the time! I forgot about this. I'm gonna need to get some manicures for my wedding next year. Eeep. I'm so not a girly girl either. A friend made me get a manicure once and man that was awkward.

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