Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tick Tock...Tick Tock....


Have you ever wondered what life might be like without clocks? What if your body clock was the only clock you had to get you through your day and through your life?

Could you do it?

What if no one had clocks and you could just eat, sleep and work when you felt the time was right?

Would you freak out?

You would wake up when your body told you to wake up, eat your meals when your body told you that you were hungry, work when your brain was functioning at 100% and felt like working and go to bed when your body told you it was tired.

I kind of visualize retirement being a bit like that...although I know a lot of retired people that lead very structured lives.

I also know a lot of older people that live each day exactly like they lived the day before and any change to their routine causes tremendous frustration.

I am a very structured person with a lot of routines, but I think it's because I have to be. During the week, I have a full time job and my two etsy shops to manage, and on the weekends, I have all of those other things like cleaning the house, doing the laundry and shopping to contend with.

If I didn't have my full time job....would I unconsciously develop other routines and create schedules without realizing I was doing it...out of habit or need for consistency, or would I be able to just "live"? I really enjoy life and try to live it to the fullest. I think in my heart I am a free spirit that could live day by day without a schedule or plans. How about you? Could you? Would you? Do you?


Lanyardlady said...

I say I'd love to live a life without routine or schedules but I'm not so sure I'd function well without some structure. I"m big on time management and that would be a hard habit to break. Maybe one day I'll get to try it...when donkeys fly!

Angela said...

Life without clocks would be a good thing :)

LeelaBijou said...

Ah, a life without clocks... that would be just great. At least at first :)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Hubby and I are retired from the technology world. The plan was to relax, maybe do some painting. No schedules, no clocks. Ha, that didn't last long. These days with our busy schedules, we wonder how we found time to go to work:):) I still work 8 or 9 hours daily and since it is my own business, even work on Sundays. Now what was that about retirement again:)

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Interesting post! I think as long as you at LEAST have friends to meet for lunch, clocks will be necessary! ; )

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