Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thumbs Up For Quick Shade Canopies!

The canopy went up in only 24 minutes!! Woo hoo!! Not bad for our first attempt. I love it. It looks so nice. Irv is outside right now making the dowel rod/rope/hanger set up I will be using to hang my pillows.

We started at 7:20 7:37 a.m. we were having an "UGH" moment, but by 7:44 a.m. it was up. We actually pulled it open too far before raising the legs, but we'll do better next time. As you can see in the photos, we also had a little trouble with the vents on the top, but now we know how to do it, so next time it won't look quite so much like a lop-sided Chinese Pagoda! Irv became quite obsessed with the little vents...I thought he was going to have a vent induced melt down...but we figured it all out and he's okay now.

The white bookshelf use to be in the very back corner of our garage. It had a hole in the back and was beat to crap. We used it to keep all of our flowers pots and things on during the winter. You should have seen Mr. Irv's face when I told him I wanted to use it for the craft show! Now thanks to Mr. Handy Dandy Irv, it will used to display my cake stands at the craft show! Woo Hoo for Irv!

(Irvie is a wee bit agitated today because it is awesome outside and he is working on displays and things for the craft show and he would rather be planting his flowers and veggies. Poor Irvie)

Well, I have a ton to do today. Have a really super duper day and I'll chat with you all tomorrow!

Ta dah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sherry said...

I bet your first show is going to be great. Don't forget a little bowl of candy that doesn't melt.

Lanyardlady said...

Verrrrrrrrryyyyyy impressive!

Angela said...

That is a big tent!! I bet your booth is going to be SO cute! I can't wait to see pictures with all of your things set up inside.

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