Saturday, May 30, 2009

Woo Hoo!!!

I just spent a couple of hours at Joann Fabrics and oh my goodness, did I have some fun. I had a nice gift card from Tresa for Mother's Day and I used that and then some. I got all kinds of awesome, awesome fabric for aprons and I cannot wait to work on them all. I won't know which one to do first because they are all so darn cool! There is brown with pears, and pink with birds, white with flowers and lady bugs, a lime green with brown and aqua, a black and white, a pink, black, green and yellow one, a blue with white polka dots that I think is going to be my craft show apron and a fun watermelon one!!!
I am just finishing up one from the original batch of fabric and all of this has to be washed and dried, so I won't start these until next week.

I also will be mailing in applications for two more craft is an outdoor one in July and the other is an indoor show in September. I already got in the indoor one in October. I still haven't found anything for August and I'm undecided on November.

Can you tell I am buzzing right now....kind of high on life I guess.

I am also going tomorrow to buy a tiny flat iron for this very short hair. I used mine on it, and I'm not as upset with the cut except that I really don't understand how I ended up with what appears to be bangs....when I said nothing about bangs. I never have bangs. I don't like bangs. How did I end up with bangs????

Well time to get in my jammies and go read for a while. I need to settle my brain down a bit. Chat with you soon!!!


Angela said...

I want to see the fabric! Please show us! Did you get a craft apron pattern? If so, I want to see that too. please, :(

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Good luck with the hair! I'm growing mine out right now and I went through a length when I had to flat iron it every day. It turns out that it's not so bad. Just try doing the top layer of hair and you may get away with it!
Good luck!
O and have fun with your fabrics, they sound beautiful!

Tins and Treasures said...

'settle my brain down a bit'...that made me smile...if you find a way to do that, let me know! I could use some help too!! Take care ~Natalie

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