Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ophir Colorado

When we were in Telluride visiting Matt, he asked if we wanted to take a ride to Ophir. Not wanting to miss a thing while we were out there, we said, "Sure". He said it's just a little town up in the mountains, but quite unique. He wasn't kidding.

The view in Ophir is amazing in itself. It's "a bit" out of the way, and it's another one of those towns where I just kept asking, "What do these people do for a living?" and "Where do these people work?" Matt wasn't able to answer my question, but it didn't matter. There are no stores or restaurants or anything like that, but the "town" is just the cutest little thing.

You know how most towns have a sign as you enter, telling you the population? Well, Ophir has one too, only it's a little different than most of the ones you see.

Here is the Ophir post office. I'm not sure if there is a postal employee, or how they get their mail, but the post office is just priceless!

I've seen resourceful people, but this guy has taken it one step further and created an awesome work of art! His fence is made of snow skis!

This is their other welcome sign. How sweet is this?

I'm thinking I wouldn't choose Ophir as a place to live, but definitely worth a drive through if you are ever in the area!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I couldn't live their either but what a charming little town with a great sense of humor when it comes to signs!


Together We Save said...

Looks like a wonderful place. Thanks for following.

jane said...

i think i could live there... i always say that about every town and then my husband just laughs at me... it is pretty cool though! thanks for visiting! i´ll definitely be back! btw your photos are awesome! happy day!

anita said...

i love this cute little "town"..
i always think the same thing,
what DO THEY DO, and WHY are they
HERE? inquiring minds want to know :)

Lanyardlady said...

what a unique place. i bet it's something in the winter. do the dogs and cats ski?

Angela said...

Cute signs! Looks like a sweet little town.

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