Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Here!!!

The CD I ordered from CutNGlue arrived yesterday! CutNGlue is an etsy shop run by Angela of Pickles on Pizza blog fame!! Angela's husband Aubrey is an independent musician, and he just released an awesome CD titled Make Me Realize. He wrote all of the songs, sings and plays guitar on all of them! I popped it in my CD player the minute I got it and had it playing while I checked e-mail and wrote my blog yesterday. I kept finding myself gently bopping around in my chair. The songs are kind of mellow and the words are wonderful. It's a great CD!

Those of you that read my blog regularly know that I like a wide range of music. My Pandora Quick Mix has everything from Jack Johnson to Jimi Hendrix, from Ben Harper to Bob Marley. You can add Aubrey's music to the list.

If you have a minute, hop on over to Aubrey's MySpace Music Page and take a listen. If you want to order a CD, visit Angela's shop, CutNGlue and purchase one there.

I listened to it a couple more times today and I'm finding myself really loving the title cut, Make Me Realize and also the songs Spinning Around and Heaven or Hell. What I really love about this type of music is that you can hear and understand all of the words. It makes the songs so much more meaningful.

CHEE HOO to musician, Aubrey Holman and a big thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us all!


Lanyardlady said...

Thanks for the notes on Aubrey's CD. Being the mother of a young musician, I support any and all of them! Good luck, Aubrey!


My,Yee Haw!..acknowleges your..
.. Chee Hoo!

I will be checking Aubrey out;thnx. ;P

Angela said...

Thanks for the very kind "shout out" Kathy!! I know Aubrey will love reading it. We are so pleased that you like it!

*oh and you should add Amos Lee to your Pandora list he is awesome too!

Thanks to everyone who supports independent musicians!!

Nancy said...

Very good to know. I love music where you can understand the words. It really does make it more meaningful, like you said. Thanks for telling us...


Beth Anderson said...

Thanks - sounds like we have the same taste in music and I do follow Angela's blog - I'm going to check out Aubrey's music!

Sherry said...

Love as new indie musician, thanks Kathy.

aliceinparis said...

I love finding new music that I love. i just discovered Harry Manx. He's coming to Halifax next month too.

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