Saturday, August 29, 2009


Since Irv was home early Wednesday to repair our leaky roof, he decided to run Wrigley to the vet. She has been scratching and scratching and scratching the past couple of weeks. We checked her for fleas and didn't see anything, but she had a very red spot under one of her front legs and a spot in front of her ear that was raw from her scratching it.

"Allergies", said the vet after checking her out. "A lot of dogs seem to get them at this time of year...or it could also be food related. Either way, we'll give her a shot and some pills to take and in a couple of weeks she'll be fine."

"Can we refill her heart worm pills too please?" Irv asked.

"Of course, but she will need a blood test to make sure she hasn't developed heart worm," the vet said.

"But isn't that why we are giving her the she doesn't get heart worm?" asked Irv, very confused.

"Yes, it is, but the heart worm pill company has a guarantee. If your dog is on the pills, and still gets heart worm, they will pay the cost for treatment....but only if you have the blood test each year," explained the vet.

"HUH?????" thought Irv.

"So I get the blood test to prove she doesn't have heart worm, which she shouldn't because she's been on the pills. Then we give her the pills for another year, and then we get another blood test to be sure she doesn't have heart worm again, just so the company will pay her vet bills in case she gets heart worm which the pills guarantee she will not," said Irv, "Is that correct?"

"Yes it is," replied the vet.

Routine Examination....$29.00
30 pills....$24.50
20 pills....$9.00
Heartworm Blood Test....$23.00
Heartworm Pills....$45.00
Today's Total....$165.50



Joan said...

Cute dog!

My vet bills are crazy too and we have a "plan" that helps out. Our heart worm meds were recalled so I've got to get to the vet and get another brand.

Tins and Treasures said...

So true...Priceless...

I must remind myself of that very fact, every August when I pay my bill at the Animal Health Clinic.

Happy weekend ~Natalie

Oklahoma Granny said...

And Wrigley is worth every penny!

When we take our kids into the vet it's pretty much the same routine but the vet also insists on squirting this stuff up their noses for "kennel cough". The thing is - we don't board our dogs and they're generally not around other dogs. I just scratch my head on that one.

AMIdesigns said...

Heart worm? I've never heard of that. I should have been a vet though as they charge sooo much money - £90 (about $145) for dog and cat annual vaccinations and worming tablets last month

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is one cute dog and worth the price :-)

Wish human's medications came with the same guarantee as the dogs! Ha!

Lanyardlady said...

Oh, they are so worth it! But going to the vet anymore is like going to the car dealership. You almost expect to hear, "I wouldn't drive Wrigley off the lot until...." Sheesh!

Life Potentials Network said...

Nothing like a pet to run up expenses! But you are right, they really are priceless! And Wrigley especially! xo

Angela said...

My goodness, our dogs are so lucky they are loved!

aliceinparis said...

You can't win:)
Wrigley is adorable!

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