Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Almost Done and Dog Gone Tired

We worked hard yesterday and finished up everything for the craft show, except if I want a vendor apron....I'll need to make it in the next four days. I have the fabric......Zzzzzzzzzz.....but I am SO tired. We'll see.

Our trial run setting up the booth went really well...better than we expected. The booth went up smoothly. While it was up, Irv did a little touch up, we figured out where all of the hooks had to go and my little Welcome and My Other Shop signs and we are good to go...and it is only Tuesday!!! Chee Hoo!

The girls look kind of cute hanging there, even though they are naked!

Wrigley kept peeking at us through the gate while we were working.

We finally brought her out to the driveway. She has to be tied to something or she just wanders off and manages to not hear you when you call her. Even dogs can have "selective hearing".

I do need to get some props like bars of soap and candy to display on my little baby "cake stands," and that's it. I put all of them on the kitchen table so I could pack them up. Just don't anyone sneeze! Aren't I daring? HAHA! With some very creative packing and a lot of bubble wrap, I managed to get all of this into one large and two medium bins!!

I looked at everything I've made and smiled. It looks good. Then I looked at the little bin of old buttons and jewelry pieces sitting on my desk....and smiled again, because I can't wait to start on my next project.

Have an awesome day today and I will keep you posted on my vendor apron progress. I put the fabric next to the sewing machine...maybe some little elves will come and complete it for me while I am at work today!


Lanyardlady said...

look forward to seeing pictures of your booth. you and Irv have done an amazing amount of work.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your booth looks great! I just know you'll do well at the craft show. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Grammy said...

You will have so much fun. I love all the projects you did and the booth is wonderful. Best wishes.

AMIdesigns said...

Looking good! Hope it goes well for you

aliceinparis said...

You are amazing! What a lot of work and effort you have gone to! I just know this show will be a success. Nice to have this wee booth, nothing will stop you now:)

Angela said...

I can have my vendor apron in the mail tomorrow...seriously, just let me know if you want to borrow it.

Beth Anderson said...

your booth is one of the coolest I've seen - just love it. Half the battle is to have something to draw that shopper in - I'd be drawn right into your booth.
Good luck!

Nancy said...

Good for you! You're all set and I know you'll have a great time. And everyone should have an Irv! Pat on the back to him for being such a great helper!


Joanna Jenkins said...

Everything looks fabulous! You did a fantastic job!

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