Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Girls

Irv has been working so hard on the hangers to display my aprons at the craft show next weekend. It was a lot of work to cut them out, sand them, paint them and attach a piece of wood to the back to attach the rope to....but he got them done this week!

Once he finished his part, I grabbed a bunch of markers from the drawer, drew a template for the eyes and lips and went to work. It's not really easy trying to color with regular little markers on painted wood, but I am more than thrilled with the results.

Meet the girls!

I think I will start watching at garage sales this fall for some really big long dangling earrings for the girls. I think that would be a great touch! What do you think?


Joan said...

The girls are fabulous! I like the idea of dangling earrings too.

visit me ~ you've been splashed! (Just a little recognition for being a wonderful blogger!)

Tins and Treasures said...

You must get dangling earrings...or maybe some large pearl chockers...they're great!

Bluebell said...

I love the girls they are real characters, Earings would be just right. Visit me and pick up an award for being a good bloging friend.

Angela said...

Looks like eleven girls and one bi-otch. hee hee...that one is giving the other one what Aubrey and I call "The Look"

I think they would be great with earrings!

Anonymous said...

Heya, thanks for your comment on my blog! Will look forward to having a good look through yours now!! Love the name of it ;)
Megs xxx

Joanna Jenkins said...

Those girls ROCK! Great job.

Lanyardlady said...

i see a little of myself in the one with the orange lips! cute as can be and will attract a lot of attention at your show!

Mary said...

these are awesome! you could probably sell these....;-)

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