Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food Favorites and Not So Favorites

When I was a kid, I loved my mom's spaghetti...especially the second day. For some reason it tasted even better the next day. She also made a wonderful cheesecake and I recall a lot of homemade pizzas. My dad baked awesome Norwegian breads and all kinds of yummy cookies for the holidays and he made the best fudge you would ever want to eat.

What was your favorite food as a child? Is it still your favorite?

I have to laugh because if I asked my kids what food they loved when they were little....I'm sure there would be a very long pause...and then silence.

I am not a cook. In fact, I hate to cook. I also hate to bake. To me it's such a hassle and makes such a mess and it's soooo time consuming. If I could, I would hire a chef....because even though I hate to cook....I love to eat!

What was your least favorite food as a child?

Mine was this awful soup/stew dish that everyone else in our family loved. I have no idea how to spell it and I couldn't find it on line, but it was something like lapscouse. It was a thick mixture of overcooked potatoes and I think ham maybe. All I know is it look like vomit and just thinking about it makes me feel ill. UGH! If my sister Karen reads this, I guarantee you she will not only e-mail me the name, but she probably has the recipe and maybe even had it for dinner last week.

If my kids did come up with something they liked it would probably be this terribly unhealthy cheese stuffed meatloaf and Chocolate Eclair Cake. Whoop dee doo! They would also say McDonalds Happy Meals because lord knows they ate a ton of those!

How about peanut butter, butter and sugar sandwiches, or sour cream and sugar on rye bread? How about sugar on lettuce? Are you seeing a pattern here? Those were some of my easy to make favorites! Rice A Roni, Macaroni and cheese and cereal. Man I loved cereal and still do! Then it was Cap'n Crunch and Frosted Flakes....hmmmmm....more sugar.....

Now a days....give me a bowl of cereal for dinner and I'm a happy girl. Toss me a box of Healthy Choice Devil's Food Cookies and I'll be your friend for life.

Are you hungry yet?


Kathy said...

My sister doesn't have a blogger account (I'm trying to get her to set one would get such a kick out her humor) so she always e-mails me her comments. I knew she would have something to say about that yukky stuff and here it is:


I don't know how to spell it, never did, and Peter can't say it, so we've taken to calling it "goop". Yep, still love it and it's one of Jason's favorites. Have some in the freezer and maybe I'll eat it today, in your honor! It isn't ham, it's stew meat and pork. Now you've made me want to get some rye bread. I too can eat cereal and be happy. I think a kitchen is a total waste of space and if I never had to cook another meal in my life, I would be so happy. God wouldn't have made restaurant's if we weren't supposed to use them and believe me, we do our best to keep them in business around here! They aren't great down here, but if it keeps me from having to cook, I'm there!

Love Ya, Me

Joan said...

Dad would make something he called sh*t on a shingle and I hated it. Mom made great spaghetti and I used to love creamed tuna on toast.

I know older daughter adores chicken and all the fixin's. Noodle? Who knows? That kid is so picky!

I love to cook. Since I am on Fall break from school I have made chili, two kinds of muffins, pork chops over rice and today I will fix a pot roast.

I would love to read your sister's blog. Get her on here!

Tins and Treasures said...

Hi, Kathy,
I would rather cook, than bake...and I would rather eat salty than I guess it's working for me.

Thanks for reminding me of the peanut butter & sugar sandwiches. I thought I was the only mother that made these for their kids!

My girls also love a Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwich. I may have to try that on Line.

Happy Saturday! ~Natalie

Lanyardlady said...

My favorite food was and still is spaghetti. Love it and make a mighty fine plate of it if I do say so myself. When we were little my mother made us sit at the table until we finished those big horrible squishy green lima beans. To this day it makes me sick to see or smell them!

Oklahoma Granny said...

When I would visit my grandad (who was 83 when I was born) he would fix me syrup sandwiches and he always had a jar of apple butter on his table. I love them both to this day. I can remember the 1st time I ever had pizza and I was in heaven. I love pizza and believe it's the perfect food with all food groups accounted for.

My least favorite food would have to be liver. GAG ME WITH A SPOON! I can even tell if I eat a piece of round steak if it was cut close to the liver. YUCKY! SPIT-TOO-EE.

I LOVE to cook as I'm sure you can tell from my blog but I hate the clean up. That's the real downer of cooking and I've made it a game to see how few dishes I can dirty while cooking.

Beth Anderson said...

I'm not crazy about cooking but I love to eat! My favorite foods are pasta, bread and salad - is wine a food? LOL!
One thing I remember as a kid was for lunch we would have cheese and syrup, and bread & butter w/ sugar! My God, we must have been on a sugar high! It was nothing but a slice of American cheese on a plate with syrup, then the bread & butter with sugar on the side. Don't know how that lunch time meal came to be but I sure remember it!

Kathy said...

Joan....I loved Shit on a shingle. I think it was Buddig thin sliced beef in a white sauce poured over toast. OMG if I hate meat, I would buy some and have it. I had forgotten about that one!!

Pasta, bread and of my favorites and pizza isn't far behind!

I love lima beans! Irv hates them.

Liver.....ewwww....does anyone eat that anymore?

Apple butter....still love it on toast!

I am SOOOO hungry right now. Time to eat!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Cld spaghetti was pretty high on my list, but I realllly loves uncooked stuffing for Thanksgiving. I'd always steal bites when my mom would prepare it. YUM!

Angela said...

Stew with overcooked potatoes, stew meat...did it have tomatoes, carrots and sometimes pasta or cabbage or peas or beans?...can you see where I'm going with this? My mom always made what my dad called Mulligan Stew and my cousins called Big Meat Stew out of whatever leftovers she had in the fridge at the end of the week. No matter what was in it, it always tasted the same...and it was SO good!

My favorite food was actually a sandwich from the restaurant I now work in...and I still love that sandwich! It is called "The Hoagie" it has Italian meats (really just some random lunch meats) with melted mozzarella, pizza sauce, and pickles! Yummy!! Because of my diet I don't eat it much anymore. I did treat myself to one on my birthday though.

Have you ever had a spaghetti sandwich? I like to put day old spaghetti on bread and close it up in the sandwich I'm getting hungry.

Angela said...

Oh and yes, Aubrey still eats liver! He loves it. I pass. I buy it for him...but he has to cook it.

Cathryn said...

Double the UCKY on liver! My mother will still fry up liver and onions and call it a treat. I remember the family dogs turning their nose up at it.

Favorite foods have grown to a tiny list because of my food preservative allergies. As a kid-it was my gramma's Frog-Eye Salad. She told us she had to catch over a 1000 frogs to make it. LOL It was made with acini de pepe pasta!

As an adult, I miss my spaghetti. I do have green chile though so it almost compensates for missing the tomatoes. To date, my favorite is stacked green chile enchiladas and of course, green chile season just passed! Other favorites--peanut butter cookies.


My childhood fav: Liver & grilled onions & sauteed spinach w/butter!

My tiny little two year old body was starving for iron but/and I had a lack of appetite; or snobby taste buds, so the doctor suggested this dish. Two hours I would stubbornly sit nibbling whatever else I was forced to eat nearly every night. But, when that woman placed this steaming plate under my nose, I inhaled it all in about two minutes, and then I asked for more.

Worst of all: Sliced white Wonder bread & American cheese & American Balogna(baloney) & a cold glass of whole milk... Dis-gus-ting!
This was my Grandmother's "well-if-she-ate-once-she'll-it-forever" dish that lasted as long as I was challenged to the high-chair.

Still I gag and cramp from the site or mere thought of this horrid, processed crap.

Note: Any kid making and maybe eating "mud pies", has a body that is craving minerals, mainly iron.

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