Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Woof, Woof, Woof?

Okay, so over the weekend, Irv came to my workshop door and said, "Can I ask you something?" That usually isn't a good thing when a question is preceded by that question, but I said, "Sure...what?"

"Do you think we could get another dog?"

AHHHHHHHHHHHH.......hands covering ears......lalalalalalala.....no, no, no, I don't want to hear this.......lalalalalalalalalala!!!!!!

"Why do you think we need another dog? We already have two." I said calmly.

We have had this discussion many times over the past year. The reason that we are even considering getting a third dog is because of Wrigley. Wrigs is two and loves to play. When Wrigley and Michael and Bernadette's Aussie, Teagan get together they have a blast. They just run and jump and chase each other all over the place. They come in, get a drink, rest a few minutes and they are at it again.

Sparky, our other dog is twelve and a half....she doesn't play much. She likes to just go out, do her thing, lay in the sun if it's out, or curl up under an afghan on the couch. Once in a while she'll surprise us and run around a bit, but those times are few and far between. She isn't unhealthy, she's just starting to slow down.

We have always had a dog, or two dogs and at one time we had three. It was a bit crazy, but it was fine.

So, do we get another dog now....maybe a one or two year old....so Wrigley has a playmate and a friend so when Sparky is no longer with us she isn't lonely on top of not having anyone to play with?

It's such a hard decision to make. Dogs are such a big responsibility. They have needs and they can get sick. You have to be prepared for those things with the time and finances to handle them.

We spent a good couple of hours on Petfinder.com over the weekend and saw one dog we thought we might be interested in, but when I e-mailed, she had already been adopted. Of course, they have many more they would like to show us.....but we like to look online first. I know if we went to the shelter we would come home with a dog of some kind....even if it wasn't what we were looking for. It's safer to find one online and then go look at that particular dog. Those places are dangerous!

We need a dog that loves other dogs, cats (just in case we get another kitty) and kids (just in case we have grandchildren one of these days). The pictures are doggies that we like. We found them on Petfinder.com. They have 200,000 dogs available for adoption from all over the country. That just makes me so sad.

We will keep pondering and searching and if the right little pooch comes along, I'm sure Wrigley will have a new playmate. Do you have a dog? More than one dog? What kind(s)?


Bluebell said...

Hi there, what a big question that was, you both seem to love your dogs and I can see wher Irv is coming from but it's a very personal thing and I am sure when the right dog pops on that screen you will offer it a lovely home. We do not have any animals and my son (now 27) says he was deprived when young he always wanted a dog but, he suffered from asthma and I was always scared he would learn to love a dog and then we would have tolet it go because of his asthma. Now we tell him when he has his own family he can get a dog.
Good luck with your decision. Love Jillxxx

Lanyardlady said...

Because I know you would be loving, caring "parents," and because Wrigley needs a playmate, I say yes to the new dog! There is always room in our hearts for one more, isn't there?

Cathryn said...

We don't have dogs--we have 11 house cats (all rescues) and a colony of ferals that we manage. Getting another pet is a huge responsibility. Unfortunately, there are more dogs and cats than there are homes. Since you seem like you are on the right track, I know you will make a good choice that will help a new dog out but also blend with your current doggie family!

Anonymous said...

I have 5 cats, some are grown children's pets that will probably never leave our house and 3 dogs. I just recently took in the 3rd, the lady did not want to mess with her anymore. Had the poor little thing living outside with a big dog, she is a teacup chihuahua. I didn't want another animal but I was afraid she might just drop her somewhere so I took her in.
I feel we have too many pets but I love them all and its hard to turn away an animal in need.
Good luck with your new family member.

Shore Debris said...

My husband and I got our first dog together this past March. (I had a dog before we were married that died in 2006 and it took me awhile to get over her.)

So Libby came from our local no-kill shelter (http://www.cara-nc.org) and this past month has finally lived with us longer than she had lived in the shelter. Since I had stopped working this past year, I wanted to volunteer at the shelter, but my husband said, "No way!" (Don't worry, for a good reason... I had to look for dogs online, too, because I would feel bad at any shelter and come home with dogs... he figured me volunteering there, that he'd be on travel with work for 2 months and come home to 6 dogs.)

Right now, our Libby is very, very full of energy. She goes on two 1-mile walks most days, plays fetch for hours, and is almost in constant motion (you can't believe how quiet the house gets when she actually is tired enough to sleep). I've been considering going back to work - at least part time, and since Libby is not used to being alone for more than 4 hours at a time (and usually not more than once a week), we've been trying to decide whether or not to get a playmate. I always find it to be such a hard decision.

AMIdesigns said...

We have one dog - a black lab called Jack. He came from a home with a chocolate lab and does love the company but we also have a cat who took about 6 months to get used to Jack! Now she tolerates him but I wouldn't like to upset her with a second dog. Those ones you've shortlisted are all gorgeous - how on earth do you decide?

Angela said...

I like the looks of the first one...have no idea why he/she just looks really sweet.

Just be careful...our second dog is Crazy with a capitol C.

Kathy said...

Wow! Dogs and cats certainly tear at our heartstrings don't they. It's amazing to hear how many pets everyone has and how they came about getting them all.

We really do enjoy our pets, and it is always a tough decision in our heads, but an easy one in our hearts.

Thanks for the wonderful stories everyone!

Joan said...

We have corgi sisters. We have rescued in the past, but we got the girls from a vet and we adore them. We have a fenced acre so I would definitely take in a stray or a rescue if one came across my path.

I think your heart are leading you to another dog...listen to the whispers. =)

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