Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doggie Spa Day at the Krolls

Those of you who follow my blog know that we had two dogs and just adopted a third. Well, all three of them were pretty dirty and in need of a bath. With the weather so warm on Saturday, we decided to take advantage of it.

Sparky doesn't really mind her baths too much. As long as the water is warm, she gets nicely towel dried, gets her well-deserved treat and can go finish drying in the sun....she is one happy little twelve and a half year old pup.

I love this picture. It looks like they are lined up waiting for their turn. Really, they were just being nosey and wanted to know what we were doing to Sparky!

Wrigley has been in the tub....in the tub with the water running....and in the tub with water running on her....but Wrigley is not fond of water and she has never really been lathered up...until Saturday. She was way overdue!

Next was our newcomer. We couldn't wait any longer. I'm not sure if Maggie had ever had a bath, but we guessed probably not. The foster mom liked to wipe her with baby wipes to "clean" her and keep her fresh smelling. All that did was make her coat oily and didn't do anything for the dirt in her thick coat.

I'm not use to a dog with long hair and oh my word...there was hair everywhere.

I was laughing so hard that I almost wet my pants when she shook for the first time in the tub after we rinsed her. She looked like a porcupine!!! It was so funny!

Her coat looked totally different after her bath! It was so soft and fluffy.

Some nail trimming and lots of kind words and Doggie Spa Day was done....until the next time.


Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

awww.. They're all so sweet!! I love dogs.

You make having dogs look easy. I'm honestly overwhelmed by the mere thought of it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a project! But they do look so pretty afterwards.

Lanyardlady said...

Do you ever wonder if dogs think about putting us in the tub? Such clean cuties!

Angela said...

My dogs had bath day on Saturday too! They were so frisky and happy and they smell so good now. I have been letting them into the house each night just so I can stick my face in their fur...I love how they can smell just as fresh days later.

I love the picture with them all lined up!

Matty said...

You certainly had your hands full there. All done with love, of course.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Your kids are SO cute! I especially love the "line up" photo. The stuff our groomer sprays on our kids after they've been groomed & bathed smells SO good! I talked her into selling me some for when I bathe them here.

Joyce said...

Hey Kathy we were dog sitting this weekend and I gave Riley a bath this weekend too! She is just a little thing, so it was fiarly easy. All the pups look so clean and cute! Even Maggie looked like she enjoyed it. Very cute! xoxo

jennifer said...

Maggie had the sweetest face in the towel photo!!! AW!

aliceinparis said...

Nothing like a fresh clean puppy dog.
They look so pathetic while it is being done.

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