Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Here

I'm still here. I had a tough time this morning. I could barely walk. It took a while to loosen up enough so I could get ready to go to work. I went into work....I know....silly me. My boss had a big training thing going on today and I wanted to be sure everything was ready. I managed to stay until 11:30 and then headed home. I just couldn't sit for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I had to keep going for walks down the hall.

I rested for a little bit when I got home, but then I had to get up and walk. Irv was home, so we took a ride to Menard's. We would love to complete our bathroom redo before Christmas, so we wrote down what we needed and what it cost. Our list consisted of things like a pedestal sink, faucet, toilet, wainscot, flooring, exhaust fan and light fixture. We found a sink and faucet we liked, and Irv looked at the toilets. I couldn't care less what kind of toilet we have. As long as it works, I'm happy. We found an exhaust fan and went back and forth between tile and vinyl flooring and ended up bringing some tile samples home to see if we like them.

I went over to look at the price of the wainscot and the packages were buy one get one free through the 15th. I tried to figure out how much we would need and grabbed four packages for $20 total!! That was a big Chee Hoo! We measured when we got home and I was right on!!

Next we bought a quart of the awesome yellow paint for our little wood toy box turned coffee table. When we got home, Irv covered the kitchen table with a tarp and set me up so I could sit or stand to paint it. I got one coat on and oh my gosh, do I love it! I will try to put the second coat on tomorrow if my back will allow it and I will show it to you once the hinges are back on. It is just so darn cute!

Since I have to do some walking tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get Irv to go over to the resale shop. I need an old wood t.v. stand that I can paint. Maybe we will get lucky.

Well, my back is saying I have been sitting for long enough so I need to close. Sorry no pictures, but I'll make it up to you if I find anything awesome at the resale shop tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening and we will chat soon!


Angela said...

I can almost feel your pain as I read this! Oh...I hope you feel better soon.

Lanyardlady said...


Nancy said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope this weekend you'll be able to rest!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I know you're anxious to get things done but please don't over do it. Keeping you in my prayers.

DUTA said...

Your back will hopefully get better through the joy and satisfaction derived from painting and renewing things.

Bluebell said...

I'm so sorry you are not feeling so well, back pain is awful and sitting around does'nt help I hope you will be feeling better soon.
Love Jillxx

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oohh...I am totally sympathetic when it comes to backs! Once they decide not to function as they should, we really pay the price. Hope yours is better soon!

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