Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sneak Peek

Good Morning Everyone!

I actually write most of my blog posts the evening before and then schedule them to post in the it's really 7:00 p.m. as I am writing this. It's been a long and productive day and I am running out of steam.

I started my day giving blood. If you recall, two weeks ago when Irv and I went, my iron was too low to donate. Today it was fine. I use to feel perfectly fine after donating blood, but the last couple of times I feel kind of light headed and a bit on the yukky side for part of the day. Not sure why that is, but it's worth it to be able to donate. It's probably because I've been eating like crapola lately.

When I got home, Irv was already painting trim. He got so much done today, that he could very well finish it up tomorrow if he is able to move. Funny how things that wouldn't have bothered you at all just a few short years ago, can cause you tremendous pain now!

I headed into my workshop when I got home. I had to clean up the coasters and get them banded together and ready for the show next weekend. The holiday ones are just too cute. I hope they sell well. I'm hoping people will see them as a great gift for teachers, friends and neighbors and maybe purchase more than one set. We shall see.

After the coasters is was time to get going on those wine bags. I don't drink wine, nor do I buy wine, or wine bags, so I had to ask my daughter and my sister some questions about the bags and then wing it. I am really pleased with the ones I got done today. I have to go to the store tomorrow and get some things I need for their finishing touches, but I'll give you a sneak peak.

These two are cotton. The red one says Ji
ngle Bells, so I'm going to get bells to hang on those pieces of cord you see hanging from the bow. The black one with the little gifts on it will have big red or green buttons on the sides where the handles are attached.

I plan to get more fabric tomorrow when I'm out. I would like to do some quilted ones and I'm trying to think of some other cute ones I could make. I'll put them out at the little craft show next Sunday and see how they do. If they do well, I'll make more and list them in MyOtherShop on etsy. A couple of people have already expressed an interest, so maybe I will get a few orders as well.

I like these a lot. The winter white one has little gold stars all over it. I'm hoping I can find some gold stars to hang from thin gold cord. The burgundy one is actually a layer of cotton covered with a thin fabric that has an awesome design embroidered on it. Not sure what else I am going to do with that one. I'll see what I find tomorrow.

Here is a close up of the fabric and the bows.

I've made some new fabric brooches for the show too, and I'll try to show those to you during the week. Have a wonderful Sunday! Chat with you soon!


Tins and Treasures said...

Our wine bottle accessories always go over well at our our local show. We make the wine bottle necklaces and I have made bags that look like Santa faces...all sold out! Good luck with yours too!!

Happy November. Enjoy your extra hour ~Natalie

Cathryn said...

Those are precious! Wonderful talent you have Kathy!

Silke said...

Sounds like you've all been busy!! Those bottle gift bags are beautiful! I love that deep burgundy one!! :) Silke

Lanyardlady said...

These should be a big hit! Did you think about doing some for New Year's Eve too?

Joanna Jenkins said...

I take my hat off to you for giving blood. That's so important and VEYR generous of you.

Your sewing is lovely as usual. Onward!


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