Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Past

I went digging through pictures yesterday to find some of my older Christmas pictures. It's so much fun to look at how the kids changed from year to year. I showed some of them to Irv and he commented on how great those times were....when the kids were little....and Santa came during the night and left presents. Such fun! I thought I would share some of them with you.

Tresa three years old in 1977

Tresa and a pregnant mom decorating the tree in 1979Tresa and Michael 1980

Tresa, Michael and Matt 1983
Irv, Tresa and Michael in 1983
Awesome! Electronic Battleship. Michael 6 years old in 1986
Oooooo....a fire truck! Matt three years old in 1986
Matt putting his new dinos on daddy's head in 1987
Matt and My Pet MonsterTresa hugging daddy in 1990 when she got her "Letterman's Jacket"

Matt the ham in 1992 at the age of nine
Matt in a cool warm up suit...Junior High age

Michael and Tresa in 1993 ages 13 and 19Tresa and Michael (1995 maybe) ages 15 and 21
It's just the most awesome thing to look back at pictures. Each one brings back memories of things that were happening in their lives at that time, what they enjoyed, who their friends were and little things about their personalities. Thanks for coming along on my trip down Memory Lane.


Cathryn said...

I love your trips down Memory Lane! It's wonderful to see the changes every year.

BTW--I love the paper garland!

Matty said...

Isn't it great to look back? The memories are great, and seeing how they changed as they grew is so cool. I took a go-zillion pictures as my children grew up, and I'm so glad I did. Now if I could ever get a scanner, then I could post some.

Ms Sparrow said...

Children add so much enthusiasm and fun to Christmas. Now that all my grandkids are over 16, there are only my three great-granddaughters at Christmas. So, of course, everybody dotes on them!

You're lucky to have all those old Christmas pictures to enjoy--and share.

Lanyardlady said...

These tell such a touching story. Thank you for sharing your memories. Merry Christmas!

Debbie said...

Those photos are so great! I love trips down memory lane.

Angela said...

I love the old photos!! It is so fun to look back with you. I feel like I know your whole family!

gayle said...

Loved going down your memory I think I will go look at mine. Wish I had a scanner.hummmmm..maybe that's what I will get my husband for Christmas (since he said he doesn't want anythin)

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