Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Preparations

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I started cleaning the house and when it was time to take a little break, I made some hot chocolate and an English Muffin, put on some Christmas music and watched the snow fall. Then it was back to work.

In the afternoon, Irv and Bernadette met at the local park to introduce their Aussie Teagan to our little Maggie on "neutral " ground. It went well. Four dogs familiar with each just two more to throw into the mix next week!

Bern wanted place mats for her dining room table. She found a tablecloth and napkins in the fabric she wanted, but no place mats. She didn't want a tablecloth, but the smart little girl bought it along with the napkins and decided to make her own. She brought the fabric over and we figured out what size she wanted and how many she could get out of the tablecloth. She left and headed over to the fabric store to get the fabric for the backs and the thread. She'll get it all washed and dried tonight and as soon as we can, we'll get together, get them cut and sewn. The fabric was awesome and they will look fantastic when she gets them done.

After that I sat and put the finishing touches on the menu for Friday's dinner. We will have eight people.....two are vegetarians and one is gluten coming up with something yummy for everyone is fun and challenging.

I ended up with pork roast, roasted new potatoes, cheese and potato pirogi from a great deli, a broccoli cheese casserole if I can find gluten free cream of mushroom soup....if not, broccoli with toasted garlic and hazelnuts, roasted Brussels sprouts with pecans and a wonderful green salad. I am hungry just thinking about it.

We'll have lots of snacks, and I'm going to get some packages of gourmet hot chocolate in a variety of flavors and a great big jar of marshmallow fluff!!

Today we will be buying baby food and other baby things to add to the bags for our local food pantry. Haven't bought that kind of stuff in about 26 years!

Matti and Luna will be leaving Telluride early Tuesday morning. He will stop somewhere for the night and then finish the journey on Wednesday. I can't wait for him to get here. His girlfriend, Rebecca, is flying in on Christmas Eve. We are hoping for good weather so her flight gets in on time. We'll pop some pizzas in the oven and chat the evening away......

Is anything better than this time of year? I don't think so.


aliceinparis said...

That sounds like a wonderful dinner you have planned:) Isn't it grand hanging with the people you love!

Cathryn said...

Having allergies to food preservatives, I understand trying to prepare meals that won't cause someone harm. But you have made it work beautifully for that special person in your circle!

I love your menu by the way--it's sounds like it will fit the bill for any and everyone!

Happy Holidays to you and yours Kathy!

Matty said...

You sure do have your hands full. That's a lot of preparation, especially with accommodating all those dietary preferences. Happy Holidays.

Tins and Treasures said...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend so far. I can't wait to see pics of the placemats.

Best Wishes for a warm and wonderful Christmas ~Natalie

DUTA said...

I've greatly enjoyed reading about your Christmas' preparations, especially the food chapter. Echoing you: "I'm hungry just thinking about it".

Happy Holidays!

Ms Sparrow said...

My family get-togethers are also a challenge what with the food requirements of everybody. We solved that by planning a baked potato bar with lots of different toppings. Add some salads and veggies and desserts and it's a party! I'm looking forward to the fun.

Sherry said...

Looks like you are all set. When we can dig the cars out we will be off to the market for a few last things!

Family arrives along with the thaw on Wednesday.

Lanyardlady said...

It's so exciting! My son is supposed to come in from New York tomorrow and I hope he can still make it with the snowstorm. We'll be going to my sister's on Friday for Christmas dinner. It will be the first time all the children and grandchildren have been together in several years.

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