Friday, December 11, 2009

My Hell Phone

Oops...did I say Hell Phone? I really meant to say Cell Phone...although cell phone from hell might be more accurate!

Irv and I have had our current cell phones for almost two years. Our service provider is AT&T, which use to be Cingular. When other people would complain about their crappy phones and dropped calls, we would just smile and say, "Wow....we don't have those problems. We have Cingular."

Well somewhere between our former good phones with Cingular and our current "hell" phones with AT&T something happened. We became members of the "I hate my cell phone and carrier"club. The sad thing is...we never signed up for the club and we really don't want to be part of it.

Irv and I aren't your average cell phone users. We don't need phones that do everything except make your morning coffee....although I'm sure there's an app for that!

Irv just makes and receives calls and I make and receive calls, text and take a picture now and then. Trying to buy a good quality phone without 500 bells and whistles seems to be impossible. Our contracts with AT&T expire in February and we have decided to jump ship. These phones have been awful and the service has gone steadily down hill. I think we are going to try Verizon. I just hope I never wake up in the middle of the night to find the Verizon guy and all of his friends in my bedroom. I don't really like crowds.

I also hope that we can find some decent regular old phones....if they even make regular old phones any more. I will say I love having a cell phone. I never leave home without it. It's kind of an extension of my right hand. I really don't need a super duper phone....I don't think....they are awfully cute, I don't need a phone like I? :)

So tell me, who is your cell phone carrier and what kind of phone do you have? Do you love it or hate it. If you don't have a cell are my idol. How have you managed that?

My first cell phone was a bag phone and let me tell you...I carried that thing with pride!


Magpie said...

Hahaha, what a funny post! I love the image of the Verizon guy and company in your bedroom in the middle of the night!

I'm like you, I just need a cell phone to make calls and text my son (who insists on texting me even though I pay for every text.)

We've had Verizon for years, and the service is good. No problems at all, but I can't make a comparison because I've never had another provider. Good luck!

Cathryn said...

We were given a cell phone by D's sister at the beginning of the year. We really don't use but pay for minutes when need them. Most the time the cell phone sits on the shelf, unused and unloved. I hope we can stay that way.

Lanyardlady said...

My cell phone history is sad. One dropped in the washing machine, another dropped in the Atlantic Ocean...I use it to keep in touch with my kids but don't do all the fancy stuff like net-surfing, games, alarm clock, reminder to walk the dog, etc. No complaints with Verizon so far. They actually called and told me a way I could save money!

Ms Sparrow said...

After hearing so many tales of Cell-phone Hell, I'm tickled pink that I don't have one. There have been so few occasions when it would have been useful that it's not worth the aggravation.

Angela said...

I am a converted plain jane phone girl. Up until a month ago I always had the phone that you got free with the service...the bottom of the totem pole phone.

Aubrey always had a more fancy version. I had my phone for years...Aubrey goes through cell phones like dirty socks.

Well he was about to get his 5th phone of the year(!!!--I'll tell you about the bad luck one day) and so I was like "I want a new phone too."-just because it was the one day out of the year I felt prissy.

So we got the new phones for our anniversary. OMG!!! I LOVE my phone now. Before, I just called every once in a while.

Now- I check my Etsy shop, facebook, scan stuff on aisles at Wal Mart when they don't have a price, listen to music (it's like an ipod too)....and I am not even that savvy.

So I say bite the bullet and get my phone! It is the HTC Hero- and I think Verizon carries it!! You will LOVE it!! (Plus it is so much like an iPhone put only $100!!)

Mary said...

i have AT&T and started with Cingular, too. I will say only this--when traveling cross country and around the world with people with Verizon and other carriers--my phone is the one that works everywhere--in the mountains, in the valleys, in the cities, etc. iPhones are $100 with AT&T these days but I think you have to pay extra for service. Our contract also runs out in Feb. For me it's the cost--I love having my phone but am considering going to pay as we go phones....

good luck with this ;-)

Matty said...

I used to have Nextel/Sprint. The service was downright awful. There were so many areas where I couldn't get a connection or would lose a call. I switched to Verizon and got an LG Dare phone (after researching and trying out lots of phone). I love both. The phone is easy to use and understand, and I rarely find a bad area.

My suggestion is to do what I did. Hit the stores and actually hold and try them. That's how I did it.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Our carrier is US Cellular and we always have great service. Our phones are LG's but that's all I can tell you. We only make & receive calls but we're thinking we may add texting at some point. It's about the only way to keep in contact with our daughter & her family. They would rather text than talk.

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