Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Plaid Hat

My daughter-in-law is a beautiful girl...inside and out. She is also a very sharp dresser. She loves dresses and big chunky jewelry and she can wear just about anything well.

Occasionally she will come by without makeup, her hair piled on top of her head, a baggy shirt and well worn sweat pants dragging on the ground...but let me say...those occasions are rare...and the girl still looks good!

I had requested Christmas Wish Lists from my family and on Bernadette's list it said...Black and White Plaid Hat and Gloves from Eddie Bauer. I thought, "That should be easy. How many Black and White Plaid Hats and Gloves can Eddie have?"

Well, Irv and I arrived at Eddie's Thursday evening and started scanning the store for what we knew would be a cute little black and white knit hat and gloves, but there weren't any to be found. Around and around we walked and wherever they had hats and gloves displayed....we looked. No luck.

We stood in front of the main hat and glove display and saw one black and white plaid hat, but we immediately dismissed it and kept looking because it was not a cute Bernadette was some goofy, poofy bomber hat with furry edges.

We walked around a couple more times and decided they must be out of whatever it was that she wanted. Just to be sure we weren't missing something though, I texted Bern to get a better description.

Me: "Bern, what kind of hat and gloves were you talking about?"

Bern: "Black and white plaid down."

Me: "Cool, thanks."

I looked at the main display with the bomber hats and they said they were down, but nothing else said down that I could see. Irv asked a saleslady if they had any other black and white plaid down hats and she said no, not this season....just the bomber hats and matching mittens.

Irv and I looked at each other as if to say, "There is no way that Bern wanted THAT hat!"

I decided to text Bern one more time.

Me: "Bern, what does the hat look like?"

Bern: "The hat is kind of crazy. It's a bomber hat."

Me: "Okay, thanks."

I started laughing hysterically and Irv immediately joined in. The people in the store must have thought we were tired shoppers that were losing it right there in Eddie Bauer! This tiny little picture is the only picture of THE hat that I could find, but it will do.

Once we regained our composure, I checked the price on the Black and White Plaid Hat and Mittens. I had already bought something else for Bern and the hat and gloves would have put us way over our family agreed on spending limit for this year. So, after all that...we didn't get to buy the Black and White Plaid Hat and Mittens!

Bern, if you read this...I am SO hoping that someone else in the family buys you that hat, because I can't wait to see it on you!

If someone does buy her the me my blogging will see photos!

My guess is...she'll look like one of the models you see wearing them in all of the big ads now because like I said she can wear just about anything well....including a plaid bomber hat!

Love you Bern!


Lanyardlady said...

How funny! Bern is so pretty; she will look glamorous in that wacky hat if she ever gets one. I love anything black and white, but if I wore that hat they would lock me up.

Tins and Treasures said...

She is a darling young woman...and I bet she would look fabulous in the hat...
When is her birthday?!

Have a wonderful holiday season ~Natalie

Joan said...

Oh I love that hat! But in our winters can be pretty dry and cold and the static would be terrible.

I hope that gorgeous gal gets the hat!

Cathryn said...

Somebody please get her that hat!

I wish I could wear that hat and look as good as your DIL!

DUTA said...

Nice little story. There are those lucky ones that could wear anything and still look good. Your DIL Bern is probably one of them.

Matty said...

You just never know what someone's tastes are like in clothing. It may surprise you.

Ms Sparrow said...

That little gal knows how to dress in winter! I'm always a little amused/contemptuous to see girls so devoted to looking "cool" that they freeze their extremities in -20 degree weather by wearing short skirts, high heels and no head gear.

Malissa said...

That's so funny! I would have never guessed that was the hat either if it had been me!

Angela said...

I hope she gets the hat!! Someone, anyone, in Kathy's family- get her that hat!!

(P.S. I think its pretty adorable, myself!)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Hahah...I'm kind of the family Bern. I just know she'll pull it off. Somebody please get that hat for Bern!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Bern is absolutely beautiful! I hope someone gets her that hat. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we all want to see pictures of her in it. Actually I want a hat just like that because I freeze in the winter and I do believe I'd wear one day in and day out. Of course I'd look pretty dorky in it but I'm all about keeping warm.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

She's so beautiful--I be she will look great.

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