Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stupendous Saturday!

I started out the day Saturday with another trip over to the blood center. I couldn't donate last week because my iron level was too low. That's the second time that's happened. Well, it was lower this week! Trying to find more iron rich foods to consume!

Next, we headed over to the bank to take out the cash we needed for our new envelope budget system. I am excited and ready to go. We did have a couple of little glitches though. Irv mentioned that we needed salt for the softener......he wanted to rent a movie for tonight....and he needed to get our Lotto tickets. Hmmmmm...I hadn't figured those things in. I made more envelopes and next time we will take out money for entertainment and salt and Lotto. Irv said we could give up on the Lotto, but we have been playing the same stupid numbers since it started and wouldn't that just suck that the first time we don't buy them....our numbers are picked? I know it wouldn't happen, but just in case....I'm still buying!

I managed to list my first Itsy Bitsy Tote Bag in my shop, FourDogDay. The tote is perfect if you don't like to drag a huge bag with you when you go shopping. If you don't read Lanyard Lady's blog...check out this post of hers. Lanyard has a bad shoulder because of what she was carrying in her purse. Too funny....not the bad shoulder, but the stuff that was in her purse!

This blue bird fabric was left over when I made Angela of Pickles on Pizza a vendor apron. It's so darn cute I decided to make a little desk clock out of it. I just love it!

Then I went all out and made two other big clocks. One of these will get listed today and one tomorrow. The first one is leaves on a light gray background. Very outdoorsy.

The second one is my absolute favorites! It's birds in black and white with a little tan thrown in. I think I am going to have to make myself one of these to hang somewhere in my house. It's so ME!

After that it was time to see if I could find some coupons for grocery shopping today. We will be heading out soon and I was hoping to save a little money using coupons. I didn't find too many, but I did get a couple of good ones. We eat very specific foods and brands and are not very flexible, so coupons might be a difficult thing for us.

I have my Week #1 Food Envelope and I put my coupons right in it. I will let you know how we do and if we are able to stay well under the $150 limit so we can get carry out next weekend. Wish us luck!

After that, I still had to hit the floor and do my Pilates. I opted not to walk because the wind chill made it painful to even be outside.

Then I collapsed! Not really. It was an awesome day. Hope you have a good one today. Don't forget to do something nice for yourself today.


schererart said...

Your items are beautiful.

Good luck on the lottery.

Lanyardlady said...

I love the itsy bitsy tote bag and the small desk clock. There is no end to your ideas. Good luck at the store.

Cathryn said...

I love that itsy-bitsy tote bag! How clever! Good luck on the budgeting. Budgets are one of those things that grow and change with needs.

Have you tried Netflix yet? They are more than reasonable and we get our movies within 2 days.

I'm encouraged by your dedication!

The Muse said...

I agree it is way too cold to be out, if you do not need to be.

And your clocks and purse are so very creative! And by all means, if that one clock is you..then keep it (lol) enjoy the treasures you make. :)

Oklahoma Granny said...

You make such cute, cute things! Can't wait to hear how your shopping trip went. One thing that you've got going for you is that you only shop once a week. That cuts down on spur of the moment purchases and saves $.

Ms Sparrow said...

I have chronic pain in my shoulder from years of carrying a heavy bag. I often wind up carrying it under my arm instead.

I wish you success with your budget program. I've never been disciplined enough to do that.

Matty said...

I knew an office group that was always going in together on the lottery. The first time one of them stopped doing it, the rest of the group hit it. What a bummer for her.

Your artwork is quite nice. You have a talent.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think you are so clever to just keep going with the envelopes making adjustments...even with all of our experience on a budget, D and I STILL overlook expenditures.
Cute little tote bag! Such clever ideas.

Kittie Howard said...

You are so creative, so many beautiful crafts. I have a friend who got fed up with her lottery numbers, changed them, and that week her old numbers hit Big Time. She still can't talk about it!!

aliceinparis said...

You are so very creative!!! That wee bag is so cute.

I am really enjoying hearing about your budgeting adventures. Something I would like to get better at.

I struggle with low feritin levels too. I now take an iron supplement. Blackstrap molasses has a lot of iron.

gayle said...

Beautiful clocks and I love the little bag!!

Sherry said...

I love your new things and mostly that you are caring for yourself. I saw your post below this one the other day, but I was still under the covers and not ready to write yet.

You know, everything we need in life is always there waiting for us. We just forget that sometimes.


Joanna Jenkins said...

THANK YOU for donating blood! That's big.

As always, your work is beautiful.


jen said...

I love the little desk clock! Very cute!

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