Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's Talk Computers

I need a new computer. Well, I should say I want a new computer. Mine is an eight year old Dell desktop and it's still working, but it makes me very nervous sometimes. I could go from want to need in a big hurry! I worry that one day it's going to clunk out and then I'll be running out to buy "whatever" and I'll end up paying top dollar for it. Right now I am doing some research and talking to what I call "computer people". I want to know exactly what I need and then I can keep an eye out for sales while I save as much money as I can, as fast as I possibly can....which probably won't be very fast.

I know I will get a laptop because I hate being chained to my computer desk. I would love to be able to curl up in bed or on the couch and write my blog or answer e-mails or even list items for my etsy shop. I could even bring it to work and use it during lunch. Yes, I will get a laptop.

Ah, now the fun starts. Every time I mention getting a laptop, people from all over the country start screaming MAC! MAC! MAC!MAC!

I know Mac is all the rage right now, and I know they are really nice machines that rarely get viruses, however there are a couple of drawbacks for me. I need a large screen. I do not want to sit and squint at a 13 inch screen! I have a 15 inch now and it isn't really big enough for my old eyes. The cost of a large screen Mac is out of this world and I will never pay that for a computer.

The other thing is.....I talked to our tech guy at work. He said that a Mac would be nice for me because I use it for business and it is great for virus protection, but besides that...unless I would use it for all of it's graphic capabilities....he thought I would be just as happy with an HP or a Dell.

I went on the Dell and HP websites and sent him the link for an HP I liked, and sure enough, he thought I found a good HP machine for what I use it for. He also suggested I go to Best Buy or CDW and sit and use it to be sure I like it. I plan to do that this weekend. Now that I kind of know what I'm looking for I do feel a little better about the whole process. At least it is a starting point.

So tell me....what kind of computer do you have? Do you like it....and if all of you say MAC I'm going to scream.


Joan said...

MAC Book Pro ~ Just Kidding! Well, no, but don't scream.

Between the Dell and HP, your best bet is Dell. I wold return to Dell in a minute, but my Tech-guy (husband) went MAC and I had to follow or I would not have Tech support anymore.

Dell has good support and great notebooks. I loved my Dell laptop!

Angie's Design Shop said...

My husband is a "tech guy" so he pretty much told me what I needed. I have a Dell laptop and my husband has an Ascer laptop (I never heard of them before either). I've had good luck with my Dell, the only part I'm not crazy about is the touchpad. It seems like my palm always brushes it while I'm typing and new screens will open up online. But that would be the case for pretty much any laptop that has the touchpad (I had an IBM Thinkpad and that had a tracking point in the middle of the keyboard). Oh well!

Dell has an Outlet site with refurbished computers. I'm pretty sure that's where my husband ordered my laptop. That's another option to check out for good deals.

I hope the laptop experience goes well for you!!

Lanyardlady said...

Mac user all the way here, so please don't scream! Just love its intuitive nature. Don't know nothin' about a PC but our tech guys say Dell is a good product.

Cathryn said...

Hmm...I'm old-school I guess. I'm a desk top user all the way. I don't like laptops and won't get one. My husband has one that he put Linux on it because he's a computer geek/guru. But I don't use it.

I guess part of my resistance has to do with the old-fashioned pagers. Remember them? After a year of having a pager, I finally realized that I was "chained" to it and it interfered with my life. So I let it go. To me, having a lap top is the same thing. I don't want to be chained to my computer.

But that's just me. My son loves his laptop. :D

Ms Sparrow said...

I got my used Dell at Computer Renaissance four years ago. I'm quite satisfied with it. I am with Cathryn--I really don't care to have a laptop. In fact, when I retired, I fixed up a corner of the spare bedroom in a "cube" configuration. I took out the bifold doors of the closet and had a desk top made to fit at Menards. Then I got a used desk at a thrift store to make the other side. I can't imagine working in bed or in front of the TV.

Matty said...

I've never used a MAC, so I can't comment on that. We have a Dell desktop. It's about five years old. It has crashed twice. Next time around I will get a different brand.

Mary said...

I have a Sony Vaio which I love, love, love. Did I say love? My daughter just bought one (a Vaio laptop) and she loves hers, too. Mine is old and I, too, am suffering a bit from laptop lust and everyone is telling me Mac. And like you, I find them very expensive right now...My last computer was an HP and was also great and my husband and other daughter love their Dells...I think it's hard to go wrong today. The technology just keeps leaping and bounding. Have fun choosing, though ;-)

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

I got a laptop at work.... I immediately hooked it into a docking station (with standard keyboard, mouse, big screen) and have never undocked it!

At home, I bought a backup external hard drive (mine is a Maxtor). I set it to back up at 3 a.m. daily. It saved me a lot of headaches when my computer hard drive crashed (it was a fluke, but it happens).

I use PCs, just because I always have, and because I get tech support through my husband's home-based company, which also uses PCs.

Sherry said...

Before you get a new computer, or need one in a hurry, I'd recommend an external hard drive to back up everything on your computer, NOW! (not expensive)

We have a Sony Vaio desk top, my lap top is a Sony and both my husband and son have Dell lap tops. I think they are all good in their own way.

I find though I need to use the desk top for finances, paying bills, keeping records. It's just not something I can curl up with.

Good luck with your search.

Kittie Howard said...

I had a really bad experience with Dell and vowed to never own another. My new HP (24" screen) is fabulous, am really pleased with HP. However, I'd like to also have a light laptop (dream on) and have read that Acer is the lightest (but batteries have to be changed for longer time, making it almost laptop normal heavy). Research then get what works for you. Good luck!

Oklahoma Granny said...

My husband recently bought me an HP with a 25" monitor. WOO HOO! And I LOVE it. Sorry, I'm not a fan of laptops. Like you, my former computer was on its last legs - at least that what we all thought.

Good luck in your search with what's right for you.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wellllll... I've had Dell and HP and now I don't so I won't say anything else :-)


Beth Anderson said...

I'm a desktop user and mine is rather old too (4-5 yr. old HP). I like the full size keyboard and monitor. Never used a Mac.
When this one goes I'm sure I'll get another desktop.
Sorry I'm not much help.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I'm not a big fan of MAC, don't know why but I'm not...I have a great HP Desk Top with 18" Monitor...Now that really works for old eyes like mine....I would like to also get a Laptop, like you I could cuddle up in my chair at night and do my blogging...Hope you like the HP once you've tried it out....Good Luck..

Moose said...

Go and scream.... I do have a MAC Book Pro, super large screen and a Wacom tablet! Are you still screaming?? My career was spent on PC's ...don't miss them at all. I love my MAC & am a walking bill board for mine! even Moose uses it...check out his blog!
Tail Wags & good luck & enjoy whatever you decide on.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have a HP notebook--D got me a new one 2 years ago and I LOVE laptops, but didn't really need a new computer so much as he needed to buy one since he is a "tech guy." I love it because it is portable and light and the screen is nice and wide.
D would totally advise you to buy from a Best Buy for the best price.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

My knowledge of computers would fit on a postage stamp. The thing keeps "freezing" and nothing works but to press the button and turn it off.
Computers can be tiresome at times.
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gayle said...

I have a Lenovo lap top and I love it!! I usually just leave it on the kitchen table though.
I agree ..hope you went to Best Buy and just played and pick out the one you like the best!!

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