Monday, March 29, 2010

Buy Buy Baby

We had a great time shopping on Saturday. We started out with a wonderful breakfast and then headed over to Buy Buy Baby. What an awesome store! I was just amazed at how much things have changed and how much things cost these days!

The first thing we saw was a sea of pacifiers. My many kinds of pacifiers do we need?

This is the crib that Tresa liked. It was beautiful. A lot of the cribs convert to day beds which makes it pretty handy...unless you are planning to have another child right away...then it's pointless I guess.

Here is Tresa looking at some of the bed linens and things that she liked best. She seemed to like more neutral colors. Let me tell you, if I were a baby and opened my eyes in the morning and saw some of the colors and patterns they are selling I would start screaming! There were some pretty wild sheets and bumper pads!

There were a lot of cute browns and blues. This little guy was part of a mobile. Those sure have changed from the mostly wood ones that my kids had to lots of fabric ones.

I think this was Tresa's favorite part of the day. She found a recliner/rocker that she liked a lot. There were no wood rockers to be seen.

Bern made it difficult for me to get any pictures of her face. The kids hate that I bring my camera with me everywhere we go. I got lots of pictures of the backs of their heads.

I think the look of the swings were the biggest shock to me! This looks more like an alien vehicle than a baby swing! Remember cranking those swings up and they would click, click, click as they rocked back and forth? Can you believe this thing? Wow!

Okay, here is one nice looking stroller. Right?

For a minute I thought I was at the car dealer! Look at the price on this thing! Yikes!

Here is a nice little baby carrier by Baby Bjorn. It think it was about $130 for the organic one. :)

Now I started to feel right at home. They did have ONE umbrella stroller!

I seemed to gravitate toward all of the little girl things. I'm not sure if that's because I had Tresa and then the two boys. There are some really, really cute little girl things! Aren't these sweet?

Tresa actually looked at an awful lot of boy things. Here I caught her looking at some pink stuff, but that didn't happen very often. The only reason she was looking here is because these were Cubs sweatshirts!

I was so surprised and so thrilled that there were so many organic lines of clothing for babies. I thought these were so darn cute!

Look at that face! When I asked her to hold it up so I could take a picture of it, she held it up and turned away. I told her to turn around, and this is what I got! Tresa seemed to like a lot of things with little elephants on them. Not sure why that was, but it happened often. What she doesn't like is baby clothes with words on them. She would see a cute outfit and then say, "Why did they have to ruin it by putting "that" on there?" Bern and I just kept smiling.

Just more cute stuff! I could have stayed there all day long just looking and touching. It was all so awesome!

Now THIS I liked and I'm sure Chris will too....and boy or girl....that baby will be wearin' Cubby blue!!

What a fun day it was. We went from the baby store over to the mega mall and looked around there a bit. Then we headed over to a nice strip mall, grabbed a delicious Starbucks (Have you tried the new Dark Cherry Mocha yet?) and strolled around there a while. It was a great way to get my walking in!

So Grandmas and much do you spoil your grandchildren?


Silke said...

Oh, it sounds like you had the most wonderful time!! I keep trying to talk my sister into having another baby, a girl this time as the little girl clothes are sooooo cute! She's got two boys and I think she may be finished having babies... Glad you has such a great day!!! Love, Silke

Mary said...

haha! getting lost in the sea of baby stuff! it's pretty overwhelming, isn't it??? babies don't really need most of that stuff but it sure is fun to look at it all for a minute. did you see the high chairs??? they take up the whole room. car seats are pretty amazing, wonder moms drive big cars! the car seats take up half the car!

as a grandma lucky enough to be around with both my little grandbabies my advice can't have enough of those little sleeper gowns or stretchies, t-shirts or onesies or little washcloths. even if they use those throw away wipes the little wash cloths come in handy. also, those little pads that are waterproof for your lap or the bassinet or wherever--get lots. and burpie cloths--they use cloth diapers to make them today i think and they are priceless. none of the above is glamorous but she'll be really happy to have them!!! babies are very messy ;-)

our babies didn't use a swing, etc. but isn't it amazing what strollers cost? other moms often sell them--they change strollers about 3 times before the kids are walking far on their own these days--you can often find one in pristine condition for under $100.

have fun ;-)

Lanyardlady said...

Amazing how different things are now. Baby products are a real industry. Nice that you and Tresa and Bern could experience this exciting day together.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a fun day! It is overwheming how much baby gear there is, but it looks like you all had a fine time rummaging through the options!

Ms Sparrow said...

Since I'm now two generations away from buying baby stuff, I'm totally amazed at the amount of stuff available. You can really go overboard if you have the money!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I remember my kids almost being asleep in their swing and if I tried to crank it up again, the noise woke them up. I think we've done a pretty good job spoiling our grandkids.

Angela said...

It took me a minute to catch up on everything I missed!

First of all, I almost had a friggin stroke when I saw the price of that stroller! I love little baby clothes and I agree with Tresa- I can not stand when they have words on them (or characters like Disney, Sesame Street...)

The bracelet is so cute! My stomach flipped when I read about the Chicago Post Office because I really HATE them right now!

AMIdesigns said...

My kids are only 8 and 11 but I can't believe the difference a few years makes! Unbelieveable how much there is out there now. I do love the baby swing though

gayle said...

Great post and keep taking that camera with you!! I didn't and wish that I did! I have to start remembering to take it with me everywhere not just for special occasions! They will be glad you did...someday. Your post brought back memories (3years ago) shopping with my daughter.

We spoil our grandson but not too much b/c I don't believe in them getting everything they want. He's 3. I try to buy things that I think are useful but I do throw in some extras!! The main thing I give my grandson is my time!

I am glad you are having so much fun!!

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