Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Quick Hello

We got up early this morning only to realize we had no power. We got ready in the dark and headed to the city to meet Tresa and Chris for the Randolph Street Market. It was hotter than all get out, walking around on blacktop in 90 degree heat. We saw lots of awesome stuff, but sadly no reasonably priced china for me.

Tresa is doing well. Only a few months to go and our little boy will be here!

From there we went to a great little Mediterranean Restaurant and had a fantastic lunch. Then it was back to Tresa and Chris's condo for a little bit and then it was time to head to necessary exTRAVagance in Andersonville to drop off the stacked china lamp and the cup and saucer bird feeders and the hanging china plate bird feeders.....that I forgot to take pictures of before we left. :(

We left the shop and turned onto the expressway...joining thousands of other cars on the expressway and very, very slowly made our way home. We ran in the house, fed the dogs, let them out for a little bit, changed clothes and hustled back out the door for a graduation party we had said we would be at. It was nice to see everyone, but we only stayed a couple hours.

Now we are home and thank goodness, the power is back on. We were lost this morning with no blow dryer to do my hair and no coffee for Irv. The funny thing is...we had two lines of really nasty storms in the late afternoon and one in the early evening. The power was fine. It went out at 4:00 this morning when nothing was going on outside.

I am really beat. That sun really does me in. Tomorrow we have to do some grocery shopping, make some lists for vacation and then Michael and Bernadette are coming over for a Father's Day visit. Looking forward to a quiet day.

Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your weekend.


Lanyardlady said...

So good to hear from you, Kathy! Tresa looks radiant. Can you believe you will soon be a grandma? It's miserably hot here and we have storms on the way. Fingers crossed we don't lose power and AC! Happy Father's Day to Irv!

Joan said...

Wears me out just to read about this day!

I understand about the heat. After yesterday's little party outside, I just did not want to be outside at all today. I stayed inside and was very lazy...very lazy.

Nancy said...

Hey Kathy,
Tresa is so cute in that picture! Sounds like a hot, miserable day in the city, but the company was good, huh?

We had storms at the same time. We lost another tree. Winds were so strong, many trees went down. Lost power, too.


Cathryn said...

What a beautiful, glowing momma-to-be! And how lucky are you to be related to her?!?!?

All our rain--which we badly need--is passing overhead and into the next state. We're hot and miserable and I can't think what it would be like to be muggy on top of that heat!

Pat said...

Won't be long and you'll be holding that sweet boy in your's just so much fun being a Mom Mom.
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

pilgrimchick said...

I completely sympathize--feeling tired after being in the sun. I was out gardening in the heat yesterday, and I ended up with a horrible headache.

Sounds like a great day!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Tresa is just the most beautiful mommy-to-be! I'm sure this hot weather isn't pleasant for her.

Happy Father's Day to Irv and the dad-to-be!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Tresa is looking so beautiful! I know you are counting the days til you'll be a grandma! It's so exciting.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

cute belly! Congrats on being a gma! (1st time or again?) I am so out of the loop!

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