Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can You See My Smile?

I went to the doctor today for the follow up on my D & C. First of all, the news was all as good as it can get. The reason the uterus lining looked thick on the Ultra Sound is because I had three polyps. She said they could have been there for years. She removed them and got a good tissue sampling and all of the pathology came back benign. The pictures were so interesting.

When I spoke with the nurse a few weeks ago, she said that the tissue was benign, but she also made it sound as though I still had a thickened uterine wall and that would need to be addressed. Not so. The wall looked thick from the polyps and since I have no symptoms of any kind, I don't need to do anything else. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am. I get to keep all of my body parts for a while yet. I come from a family where women don't keep their parts, so for me to still have all of mine is pretty unusual.

I've been worried about this appointment for a few days now. I checked my blood pressure when I got home from work and it was really high. (I have been off of my blood pressure medicine for 5 weeks and I check my pressure a lot.....actually way too much......honestly, I am obsessed with it.) Anyway, I told myself to knock off the worrying crap and I sat quietly and did some nice deep breathing. Then I went and laid on my bed for 15 minutes trying to think about......nothing.

I got to the doctor's office only to find out that she was running late because of a delayed surgery, but I kept calm. When I did get in the room and the nurse took my pressure.....it was.....BELOW NORMAL! How awesome is that?

So my friends...the journey continues. I will keep doing my Physical Therapy, I will keep eating healthy, I will keep walking on that stupid treadmill and I will keep a positive outlook on life.

If you leave a comment today, how about adding something positive that has happened to you in the past day or two? Let's share some good vibes today! If this goes well, I might make it a regular feature.


Lanyardlady said...

Yay, I can see that smile all the way down here! My first glass of red wine will be raised in your honor. As far as something good happening, I have been internalizing anger and frustration related to a work issue. I'm finally ready to let it go and it feels super!

Joan said...

Positive....? Hmmmm.. It is all good these days. Really... I feel incredibly blessed. My RA symptoms are minimal and my GI troubles have subsided. I don't have to have my gallbladder removed and that is good. I have all my parts too...well there were those 4 wisdom teeth. Do teeth count? ;)

Matty said...

When it comes to personal health, good news is the best news. Worrying won't change anything, but proper diet, exercise and meds where appropriate will.

Positive? The Phillies swept the Reds over the weekend. Ohhh, you meant something more personal? LOL

Yeah, the pain in my neck I woke up with last week is finally going away.

PonderandStitch said...

Wow, that's really great, Kathy. How wonderful!

Hmm, something good that happened to me in the past few days...well, my etsy sales are up and also I found some perfect birthday presents for Julia's 10th birthday in couple of weeks. :)

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

So glad to hear your news! And I've been at work today but I've been peeking at the photo of my garden for instant calm and refreshment.

Mary said...


Cathryn said...

This is extremely GOOD NEWS! I'm doing the happy-happy-joy-joy dance with you here in New Mexico! Can you feel the earth shaking??!?!??! lol

I love the fact you have proof, evidence, support for your lifestyle changes--because that's so wonderful!

Pat said...

Such wonderful news Kathy. Now you can sit back a relax!

gayle said...

Wow that's great news!!! I rejoined weight watchers!

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