Friday, July 30, 2010

Poor Little Robin

I'm on the computer and Irv comes in to tell me there is a fat robin sitting on a wire in the backyard "crying". "She sounds so sad," he said. "Come out and look at her."

So I finished up what I was doing and went out to the deck and sure enough....there on one of the phone wires is this fat robin, making a very sad little "peep" every few seconds. She looked like she was missing some feathers.

Our discussion was based on trying to figure out what was wrong with the poor thing. I stood there talking to her. "Hi sweetie" "It's okay honey".......she just kept up her forlorn little peeping. It sounded so awful. I felt so bad. I thought she might be sick. Her feathers didn't look nice at all. Irv thought she was looking for something. He thought maybe she was young and lost her mom.

I continued trying to comfort her, and then slowly she turned her little head our way, took one look at us.....and flew away into the trees!

Now could she have been everything we thought....sure...but I've decided that she was just an overweight chick with a lousy voice that was having a bad hair day!


Lanyardlady said...

Like me.

Angela said...

LOL Lanyardlady :)

Joan said...

LOL! Thanks for the giggle. And thank you too landyardlady. =D

jdavissquared said...

haha! probably.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sound like my typical day around here. hehe

Magpie said...

Haha! It's hard to figure out those birds sometimes! I love robins and pay attention to every one in the yard. There's one fellow that looks rather a mess ~ always has rumpled feathers and just doesn't look right. But he splashes happily in the fountain and can fly perfectly, so I try not to worry about him (or her)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Bless her little heart.

Bluebell said...

That sounds remarkably like me, you did make me laugh out loud.
Have a good weekend.
Love jillx

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